Out on bail and the army

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben123, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. Hello I am due to start basic on 29th may.
    However I done a stupid thing on Saturday night and ended up fighting with a group of Albanians, this led to me and my brothers getting arrested. After a night in the cells I have been bailed till June 24th. The charges against me are ABH and a public order offence for violent disorder.
    I have told the police that it is unlikely i will be able to make the bail date in June as I will be in training; they said this will be ok and I can probably change it later to the weekend I get off in week 6.
    What shall i do, will the army still allow me to start basic with a unfinished police charge?
    What point should i tell my army career advisor?

    Please help as i am shi#ting my self and hope I have not fu#ked up my chances with the army
  2. You need to tell your careers officer ASAP, delaying this action will not help your future career. You should however still be able to do your training and after this you can get to know the delights of MCTC, all good soldiers have spent some time in the clink!
    Good luck.
  3. Lo M8. To be honest I am not entirely sure what the situation is going to be in your case. If you have been issued your Army number and taken your oath of allegiance then you are in the Army and it will not affect you staying in Army, the staff at your training depot will not be impressed, but you will have an officer assigned to your case who is known as your representing officer, who will represent you and fight your corner in court at your hearing. You may also be open to some AGAI 67 action not to sure how this will affect you in training.

    If you have not signed your contract and gone through the process of the oath of allegiance, receiving your Army number etc then you will have to wait to see what the outcome of your hearing is.

    I hope this helps, if anyone has more accurate info for this lad then please post and put his mind at ease.
  4. hi peep's im 15 ive got 2 charges of ABH on my criminal record against my name will this affect me getting in the army ??
  5. Ben123, just picked up on your 6 week leave mention. Dont take it for granted mate, quite a few of my sons intake at ATR Pirbright, have been backsquadded for various reasons! It seems that many are 1 to 2 weeks off target! I wish you the best of luck mate. My advice to you, come clean and move on regardless!
  6. e-coy-boy............nah mate, should get commisioned without too much problem.... in the Foreign Legion, the Romford branch would have you in no problem.
  7. Oh no they haven't. I fear that E coy boy may be a bit of a troll...watch and shoot...don't encourage him!
  8. No, but being a cnut will.
  9. lol, altyhough my criminal record is prety sh*t 2 say the least my c.v. isnt to bad

    silver d of e
    1* (except SAA)
    manufacturing intermediate pass

    i want to become R.E.M.E soldier

    bit of a dilema!! stay on at cadets get high * lvl and rank or leave when im 16 !!
    if i got high rank in cadets will it make it easier to get entry to R.E.M.E and am i more likely to get promoted

    joining cadets was to get my criminal record over looked !! and i was charged like 2yrs ago !! and they said "they will get rid of my criminal record when im 18 being im a minor " is that aloada BOLLOX ??
  10. If you're 1* training when you are nearly 16 and you plan to get high rank, you need to seriously sort your life out within the ACF soon.

    Tbh, i'd just try for it at 16, getting a high Cadet rank will only turn you into a cnut and get you rifted by the DS at your depot.

    Oh, a L/CPL and not having passed 1*, either your walting an acting rank or your Bullsh!ting, unless you have a 1* badge on your arm you are not elegible for promotion apart from acting rank, and even then you need to be Montgomery re-incarnated for a DC to reccomend you if you are only SAA away from 1*. Besides, if you've failed 1* SAA, then you probably arn't acting rank material.

  11. You sound like a total ******* chav :roll:
  12. does come across as a bit of a gobsh!te, doesn't he? lying filth.
  13. As I said earlier, he seems like a Chav cnut.
  14. silver d of e
    1* (except SAA)
    manufacturing intermediate pass

    I've seen better cv's after I have wiped my arse