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No not me. Just watched BBC News and an interview was shown of a Conservative MP discussing the proposal that MPs whose constituency is 60 mins away from Parliament cant claim for 2nd homes. He said that "we are trying to attract women MPs to Parliament. Are you saying that a woman MP is expected to travel at 1100 pm from London to her home on a train?" Unfortunately I didnt get the idiot's name. (It wasn't me)

Yes you fcuking idiot. Thousands of people do this at all hours both sexes without being able to claim.
My ex worked in a psychiatric hospital. She worked some odd hours and used to manage to get the train home, from a wee village in the middle of nowhere (walking through the grounds of the hospital to get to the station). So I don't think it's too unreasonable for an MP to be able to jump on a train in the middle of the UK's brightly lit and busy capital fucking city to make their way home.
I heard the quivering wimp too and I think his name was 'Gale'.

What a total tosser?

Mr. Cameron, this man is someone you neither need nor should you want!

PS: I am a card carrying member of the Conservative Party, but I do not appreciate expense gobbling sh!tes whatever their political party!
Its not as if there are late sittings in the house any more... Tony Bliar had that particular nasty scheme binned when he first got into power, in order to make the job of an MP "family friendly". Cushy number being an MP, dont have to start work until14.30 on a Monday, finish by 10.30 on Monday and Tuesday evenings, not that they are sitting that late, most of the time there are only 20 or 30 MP's in attendance. Most go home on a Thursday and dont turn up at all on a Friday.

House of Commons Westminster Hall
Monday 2.30pm–10.30pm
Tuesday 2.30pm–10.30pm 9.30am–2.00pm
Wednesday 11.30am–7.30pm 9.30am–5.00pm
Thursday 10.30am–6.30pm 2.30pm–5.30pm
Friday 9.30am–3.00pm


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