Out of place objects

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Out of place objects (OOPO) have been around for a while now. They are the unexpected finds that are often dug up and usually cause scientists and historians to dismiss them out of hand as they usually throw everything they espouse into disarray. A few examples can be found at the site below:


    What I want to know is what is the most bizzare OOPO you've seen on tour i.e. equipment that simply should not be there, or a random pallet of useless stores left in your location which no one claims any responsability for.
    My two would be an old black Chevette suddenly appearing in our MT park on OP Granby and not one person ever seeing it arrive or anyone every admitting to owning it! And a pallet of tampons at the APOD in Macedonia in 99 which was there for a couple of months getting larger and larger in the summer rains.
    Have you seen anything like this?
  2. Having shaved my body hair off to complete baldness, imagine my surprise on finding a pube in my bowl of cornflakes next morning.
  3. Burger King suddenly appear in Shaibah Log Base just at the end of the war phase, then suddenly disappear again
  4. First one that springs to mind is a very dead hedgehog in the cold-water tank in the loft of a house I was helping to do up several years ago.

    Now I've heard of pigeons etc, but a hedgehog ffs?

    Unless they have an airborne larval stage or something, I would have said that it was quite unlikely that one would end up in there of its' own volition. Ideas anyone?

    Others are :

    "Welcome to Bridlington" sandwich board buried under several years of accumulated rubbish in a WW2(?) bunker complex near Het Loos, Belgium.

    Tons of hardcore porn on a works shared laptop with absolutely no auditable trace of who dun it. I hope.
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    After reading an article in Cosmo Mrs B&T thought she would try out the practise of trying to reach my prostrate during my vinegar stroke.

    Her finger was most definetely out of place.
  6. I did once find a large flat screwdriver in the leg pocket of my covvies.

    Nothing strange there, however we had just been doing some fairly deep work on a Lynx in NI and after numerous calls for everyone to double check their pockets to locate it, the AQMS had ordered all other work stopped and the aircraft stripped to find it. (This aircraft nor any other in our squadron hanger would be allowed to fly until it was found)

    After about an hour of half the LAD searching the Lynx, stripping off panels etc the lads were severely fcuked off.

    I stuck my hand in my pocket and guess what? :wink:

    I said fcuk all and planted it on the cab, in an appropriately obscure place, only to ‘find’ it in time for tea and medals. :oops: :oops: :oops:
  7. Doing visual search through the great sand sea in Libya, finding live snails, thousands of the feckers?? note to add, this is dry barren desert with hardly any rain.
  8. First time I went to Thailand I got pally with some Aussie Diggers and they had a dead bloke turn up in theirs.
  9. A pile or Rolls Royce Merlin engines on an RAF station that was only flying turboprop and turbine aircraft.

    A sign of good stock audits.........I don't think.
  10. In Basra, A Bielefeld bin lorry.

    I thought it was a mirage until I got a smell of the fcucker
  11. A sea shell at Basra APOD.
  12. A Goat.

    About 15 years ago came home from the pub one friday evening pretty wasted, and turning on the TV to watch 'after dark' or some such shit, my eye was drawn to a white object moving in the back garden through the patio window.

    In my garden, there is a goat tethered to my apple tree. Fcuking goat has eaten all the apples and half the tree!

    Fcuk that. I'm not having this. Best phone the Old bill. Not quite an emergency, so I call the CAD room.

    Ring Ring (for bloody ages) eventually answerd:

    Police: CAD Room.
    Me: Errmm. Has anyone lost a goat?
    Police: You wish to report a lost goat?
    Me: No. I've found one. In my garden. In Croydon.
    Police: Has 'sir' been drinking?
    Me: Oh yes. But the goat is sober and is chomping through my entire garden.
    Police: And this is not your goat?
    Me: I may have had a drink or two, but I think I'd remember buying a goat. Not something I do often. In Croydon...
    Police: [Muffled sounds] Sarge..Got a right nutter here going on about a goat! Yeah..A goat...He's been drinking. Yeah. No. The caller not the goat..
    Police: Sir, is this an emergency?
    Me: I don't know. Shall I ask the goat? Wait there, I'll bring it to the phone for you.
    Police: [sighs] Okay Sir, give me your details.

    So I give them my contact details and address, and 10 minutes later 2 uniforms and a van from the Goat Protection Team have arrived. They thought it was hilarious and took the goat away to be made into next weeks canteen curry no doubt.

    Fcuking nutters in my neighbourhood!
  13. Walt:

    I was soooo sure you were in the wrong house... :lol:
  14. Some comedian I was listening to on BBC7 the other day (so not many other people will have heard it) suggested that we should play with future Archaeologists and all make arrangements to be buried in the same position, surrounded by 8 toasters...

  15. That's well funny!

    I'm going to steal it and tell it to the 'navvies' at my university.