Out of Main Stream

Obviously in our little world of the RLC, has anybody else felt that choosing a career path that takes you out Main Stream for a while, actually has a detrimental effect. Has anybody else found that being posted in support of "Specialist" units can have a knock on effect with promotions etc.

I am certainly not moaning about my particular path, i choose it and so i accept that but anybody have any thoughts?
If it's anything like the RAMC, you wont be missed and your CR will not mean a thing on PB.

Stay mainstream, lick some arrse, and I'm sure you will get on.

BITTER,!!!!!!!!!!!. Your fekin right I was.
I was in BATUS for 2 years, not doing 11 Regt or Sup Regt stuff, does that count?

Didn't slow my career or reshape it's profile, but I was behind in the IEDD cses that I didn't attend during that period. But then again I gained useful experience in other AT areas. It was still an RLC unit though.

Swings and roundabouts really, the reporting Offr is often not RLC (and by default usually considered better!) so you get a part 3 so you stand out more on the PB. Could be good, could be bad, depends on the report. It certainly didn't harm the stand alones on the WO3 (sic) board Apr 04!

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