Out of interest.

A bit of a random question, but It follows on from a conversation with a mate. Who uses a battery operated shaver In the field Instead of wet shaving, I have always wet shaved.
Whiskey_60 said:
Wow, this is a boring question.

I use my mess tins.
I did not say It was going to be a exciting question, the mate In question seems to think that battery shavers are the way forward
Ok I will put my hands up to posting a bit of a mong question, but I was just looking for a bit of back up to prove a point. I did have a laugh though to some of your replies.
laza said:
Dr_Chris said:
Someone who likes carrying a heavier piece of noisy, battery operated kit.
if the enemy is close enough to hear an electric razor i think you have bigger problems!
Not the enemy, rather the Sgt Maj. is the danger.

I always had my batman shave me while the signaller made breakfast.
Shave oneself! Really.

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