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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by bignige, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Given the size of the Scotish Div. Why isn't their a Regular Regiment based in Scotland :?
  2. Cost, distance to major training area's, lack of facilities, tartan mafia, Nimbie's etc etc.
  3. Because we spend enough time in third world countries on tour. 8) :wink:
  4. Simple, because it's too far to stagger back from 'The Cannon' in Chatham.
  5. EASY TIGER :x :lol: :x :lol: :x :lol: :x :lol:
  6. Priceless :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol: :wink:
  7. This was always a good topic of discussion when I was at Ripon, especially from the very few Southerners that were there, but the answer always was that, we are the Scottish Engineer Regiment, which at the time was true as most of the Regiment from the top down were Scots.

    From Ripon we did a lot of work in Scotland from Construction & Aircraft recovery to a bridge building competition for the Edinburgh Tattoo.

    There are enough Engineering stores in Scotland and even a bridging camp at Stirling and some of the training areas are massive but digging is prohibited on most of them.

    I think that permanent Barrack and MSQ’s accommodation has been the problem and even then the Highlanders wouldn’t want to join up and be billeted just a few miles from home.
  8. ripon was great in that respect was'nt it :?: :?: :?: :?:

    no fanny cants who cint talk propaa like what i could :? :? :? :?
  9. Stirling Engineer park has all but closed as a stock holding location and drip camp has been closed for a few years now. Plans are afoot to build an Engr playground at Barry Buddon, now its the main training in Scotland with Cultybraggan having shut two years ago.
  10. Barry Buddon had one beast of an assault cse as i remember :) :) :) :)
  11. Cultybraggan shut FFS :(

    I met a Boxhead in the Harz Mountains who was “stationed” there in WW2.

    He had spent the war ferrying Orficers around Europe on his motorcycle outfit and was eventually captured by the Brits in North Africa when he had run out of fuel.

    He went to Gib then by boat to Liverpool, train to Glasgow then Stirling and then Marched up the glens to Cultybraggan.

    He said the whole adventure was the best holiday trip that he had ever had. :D

    He even described every fishing spot from the river Forth right up to Lochearnhead.

    He had a fine Scots German accent as well, he said he had a great time there farming and fishing as the Tommies closely guarded the Nazi Submariners 24/7 and left them to themselves.

    There was a film made about it where the Submariners Courts Marshalled and Hung one of their own in the Shower block.

    I also met a Yank D-force chap in Bos who apparently used the place regularly for whatever. I thought aye, right yank then he described the Ghillie Bar in Comrie, Fkin incredible.

    Amazing scenery though but I don’t miss the midges.. 8O