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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. On a recent visit to Colchester I popped in to the Rose and Crown for supper. Being dressed casually in country rig, wearing a rather smart North Countryman’s Club tie, I was horrified to find that most of the other clientele wore ghastly combinations of t-shirts, shorts, low-arsed jeans, trainers and flip-flops, sporting garish tattoos and seemingly wedded to their mobile phones. Language consisted mostly of foul invective interspersed with ‘but’, ‘bruv’, ‘innit’, ‘wicked’ and ‘like’.

    Now I’m not a snob but it’s not particularly pleasant mixing with these people, a reality made worse by my suspicion that some of them were soldiers. And, as I supped my best bitter, I had a thought – should we reintroduce ‘Out of Bounds’ protocols?

    In simple terms, certain establishments would be made OOB to soldiers and some to officers. This would allow both sorts to enjoy themselves with people of similar taste, style and intelligence, separating out the burger and kebab mob from the tapas and wine brigade. Although it would mean that the reputation and ambience of some establishments would inevitably decline, this would be balanced off by an exponential increase in quality in others. Additionally, it would allow CIVPOL and RMP to target those establishments where the need was greatest, thereby freeing up valuable policing resource, and exert a pull influence on the civilian population as they would naturally gravitate to those establishments that best-suited their place in life. Win-win all round really.

    Toying with this vexatious issue kept me awake for most of the night, hence this early morning post. So incensed am I by this experience that my next task is to pen a rather terse note to the Garrison Commander. Watch and shoot, watch and shoot!
  2. I'm sure that all that would be required is for you to engage in some conversation with said plebians.
    They'd be so mortified that their Local had been infested with such a bellend, that they'd upsticks sharpish.
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  3. You raise a very good point there CBO. I found myself in a similar position recently, surrounded by young people dressed like chavs, and I was jostled to the point that not only did I spill my VRB on at least two occasions, I also had cause to suggest to one of the young men that he join me outside so that we could discuss his loutish behaviour. It's lucky for him that he didn't front up at the kebab shop whilst I was waiting to be served.
  4. Don't go back there.
  5. I too had a similar situation myself. Consequently I whizzed off a stern letter to my local mp...

    blue oyster bar.jpg
  6. If you don't like the clientèle of the said pub, don't go back. Just because you find these people offensive (who appeared to outnumber some boring **** trying to walt as country gentry) doesn't mean that the pub should be out of bounds to soldiers.

    Do you know for a fact that many of them were soldiers? Did you get definitive proof that some of them were soldiers? If some of them were, so what.

    Maybe you should stop being a **** and realise that just because you think that things should be such a way, doesn't mean that it actually should be like that. Oh yes, and if you want establishments for officers, I suggest you stick to the officers mess so you can hang out with your sort, although I doubt many would want to socialise with such a **** wit as you. Do not try to make public places just for officers as they are PUBLIC places.....I say again...PUBLIC place....that means anyone can go there.
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  7. North Countryman’s Club tie?

  8. This calls for intelligent outofboundsing. A letter to the landlords of the local hostelries and eateries advising them of the intention to prohibit officers and ORs from using the same establishment and asking which group they would prefer to use their facilities.

    Doubtless, with the increase in bar profits, the Officers' Mess would be able to lay on more extravagant functions.
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  9. Joe, well done you. I did speak quietly to a group of soldiers on the evening in question. They simply bowed their heads in shame, said a collective "Sorry, Sir", and departed the establishment. So, it's not all bad news out there but something still needs to be done!
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  10. To the OP it's easy.
    If the public house has massive banners outside proclaiming 'Poker machine room', 'Roast Dinner buffet 2.99.', 'Topless barmaids!!' and the carpark is full of modified Corsas and Focuses.
    It's unlikely that you'll find other red cord trousers, Viyella shirt, Tweed jacket wearing men of your calibre inside.
    Unless it's Cheltenham Race Week of course.
    Also nice ORs Outrage thread opening post. :)
  11. You think you have problems, you ought to see the Garrick Club & all those feckin' luvvies. White's was just as bad, but David Cameron did have the decency to resign in 2008.
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  12. Pah!
    You should see it down my RSA (Returned Services Association, NZ=RBL) full of 2nd on the balcony, cold war warrior, big timing, now a civvy types.
    Yeah, just me in there again.
    Had to go and look in the mirror to give myself a "Tsk!" as I walked out in disgust!
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  13. I hadn't actually given much thought to the officer/OR situation. With hindsight, the chavvy young lout may well have been a junior officer. I have had to stay in the same hotel as officers in the past, and the behaviour of some of them at breakfast almost made me choke on my foul mudammas. I fully support your call to bar officers from places where normal people socialise.
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  14. Out of bounds is an archaic idea, we should be able to drink where we like.
    If I don't like a pub I move on to another one, simples.
  15. I once commanded a rather lippy soldier such as yourself. An afternoon spent doubling around the 'School' yard at Vitez, with rifle held high, put him on the straight and narrow. We all watched from the verandah - not to take pleasure, but to ensure that discipline was administered both firmly and fairly.