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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Blodwyn, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. I'm due on my first det starting November in Kandahar, working in the hospital, Any tips on making my stay more that bit more comfortable, especially considering I'll be there over xmas. I've been told not to bother with a comfy box as i'm only on a 3 month det.

    Any tips for little bits of kit that can make all the difference ,plus any ideas on how to stay sane would be appreciated.

  2. Porn, lots and lots of porn!
  3. Glove puppet, some black n nasty, and of course the all important bath plug.
  4. love socks
  5. Would the person that suggested not taking a comfy box be someone who won't be there!?
  6. A decent MPG 4 player like an Archos with a decent H/D might not go a miss start burning those flicks!
  7. Exactly! After the 2nd day you will realise any home comfort is important! Any idiot can act the hard man on tour but those "off time" moments, why not have it easy.
  8. w@nking gloves butt plug and lots of porn.
  9. I'm only gonna be there 3 months so i'm guessing my comfy box may well turn up two days before i go home ! Anyone spent any time at kandahar? is there anything that I can buy at the px instead of lugging it half way round the world? Mess any good? more importantly , can you get a decent madras?
  10. Have you ever been on tour anywhere????????????????

    Im guessing no
  11. you'd be right, its my first tour, hence all the bone questions
  12. nig.
  13. Take a comfy box. Duvet, laptop, MP3 player, DVD player, books, anything else you might want to entertain yourself with while you're away and won't fit in your bergan/hold all should all go in it.
  14. By the time your box gets there, you will have to leave it packed to send back home. Take any of the above, but carry it
  15. External hard drive for your computer stuffed full of films and music much easier to carry than loads of discs and it fits in your hand luggage. Home comforts are a must trust me its a long old slog without them!