Out Ging the G in Iraq? - research for a paper

Currently researching for a paper titled "Using Guerilla Warfare to Defeat the Iraqi Insurgency." Anyone know any good sources (e.g. recent BAR articles?) or POCs?

Paper will be more tactically oriented rather than focusing on 4GW, OODA loops, et. al.

Thanks in advance
Out G'ing the G?

Hackworth fan are you? Have you read the Vietnam Primer by chance?
theres quite a bit circling around about hackworths "tiger force" and alleged misdeeds - but misdeeds can sometimes be effective so make sure you've raked over those coals
No no no no no - I am not on about Tiger Force at all, the alleged events in question were after Hackworths time as CO 1/327 AIR anyway.

The Vietnam Primer, if you don't already know, was, very basically, a Counter Insurgency training aid on how to fight the VC/NVA THEIR way and beat them. Hackworth wrote it after a fact finding trip to Vietnam with the military historian Brig Gen SLA Marshall.
Mr_Creosote said:
Hackworth fan are you? Have you read the Vietnam Primer by chance?
About Face is one of the most important books about leadership, integrity and whoring that I have ever read, so yes. Whether his tactics can be adapted to urban combat is a big question on my mind. I've got the Primer on order to figure that out. Missed my chance to order an autographed copy two years ago.

What are your thoughts on H. John Poole's work? I found him through a BAR book review.
Totally agree with you that Hackworth's books, significantly About Face and Steel My Soldier's Hearts, should be compulsory reading for down and dirty leadership studies. Hackworth's rules have pride of place on my office wall at the moment......

For your "Out G'ing the G" paper consider the following sources:

1. Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife - Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam - John A Nagl

2. Iraq Ablaze - Inside the Insurgency - Zaki Chehab

3. Insurgency and Counter-insurgency in Iraq - Ahmed Hashim

4. www.strategicstudiesinstitute.army.mil/pubs - US Staff College resource with tons of papers and source material.

5. www.merln.ndu.edu - US central compilation of Govt policy papers and announcements.

6. www.iwar.org - Centred on Information warfare but good links to other more general sites.

Hope that is of some use to you.

X Hammes' The Sling and Stone is good start. I attend a levture by him last night and said that www.d-n-i.com is an example of exploiting networks to counter other networks.

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