Out and About in London-Post Thursday

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by blessed baby cakes, Jul 9, 2005.

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  1. I'm about to go to Hackney.

    Yesterday I stayed near my home. I went to the local post office and that was it.

    Today I'm going to get on a bus and go to Hackney.

    It's not a long bus ride, or unfamiliar, Old street to Hackney Town Hall.

    But I’m a bit, er, unhappy about doing it.

    I will go, but I just suddenly realised I'm not feeling as safe as London used to make me.

    I've never thought about being out in the street at midnight, never worried about the Teenager being at all night gigs, never looked twice at the person next to me on the tube.

    Today I feel as if I'm in a whole new city and it's a little more intimidating.

    Poor London.

    Beebs :(
  2. Ive felt a bit eering in Glasgow past week or so due to Protesters and threat of terrorism in scotland due to G8. Not quite to the extent that you will all be feeling in London right now.

    Thoughts with you all

  3. i feel london is more together at the moment. Yes the tube, bus, overground stations and central london were very quiet for a friday but those of us who did use the public transport had this strange togetherness, a slight smile on the tube is very significant as all that live/work in london will know. Having said that there was a man sitting on the tube who was tapping his knee in a nervous manner and it was contagious as soon the whole carradge was tapping nerviously.

    But i will not alter my routine due to what these cowardly c unts have done. Dont show that it has effected you in any way because that is what they want. In fact we should laugh at them and make them feel small that will hurt them more than when the PC government get hold of them.
  4. I must say, London did feel different, traffic was light and the people were far more chatty than usual, indeed it reminded me of the US just after 9/11. The usual dog eat dog of city types has been replaced with a softer "were all in this together" type of feel.
  5. Is the nearest 'Greggs' in 'ackney then?
  6. Greek Pastry shop, Dalston Market :D

    Yes London DOES feel more friendly. In a 'We're f*cked if we're being f*ck' kind of way. :)

    Beebs :)
  7. Well I picked up my grandad and aunty from King's Cross (he's here for the WW2 dinner at Buck House tomorrow) and took them to their hotel near Victoria. This involved driving right through town and I have to say that, although there was another security alert at King's Cross, town seemed as busy as ever today.
  8. Lots of security alerts and all that right now, but other wise London town is ticking on almost as normal again... from what i have seen
    Not seen much of the big groups of tourists though, me thinks the large american tourist contingent may have got spooked and gone home .. but other wise business as normal