Ouston Boys

Whitespear Troop 83-84 Champion troop. Hamish, Jock Read, Hammy, Roddy, Lancs, Russ, Greg, Faz etc in Room 6
Winston Churchill, Chement Attlee, Maggie Thatcher, Kukri Troop, Your boys took one hell of a beating.

Yes it was 30 years ago since I and a good mate from Weston Super-mare ,(who is no longer with us) fell from the scramble nets and broke some bones. Xuck me how we laughed as Scouse De?ry ran us ragged on that beasting around the airfield that evening, through boggy crud and along that stretch of road where you could see the water tower (like it being viewed from the Hubble telescope). Fortunately for us we were wearing the Army's finest DMS to protect our feet from harm and have us sprinting like Linford.

Anyone wish to comment?:!:
I was there 84-85 iron troop Sgt roberts an cpl munro wish I listened back then what a laugh good chrimbo won a telly on troop raffle.
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