Ouston Boys.........

Battleaxe '79. Eddie Bell and Jim Wilson Tp Sgt's, doubt they make them like that any more. Those were the days, show parade, change parade, drill, show parade, change parade, drill............
Whitespear troop sept 84

And Eddie Bell was still running the nick,mind you it homed my acting skills up no end, trying to pass for sober when signing back into camp while under his beady eyes. :wink:

Never did get caught, thank feck :p :p :p

Whitespear Troop Sept 79..... it seems like oh so long ago :(
G3Ops said:
I remember us being marched as a troop to the PRI and being made to buy:

A red Sqn tracksuit.
A Troop badge to sew on it.
Notebook and Pencil
Some DPM Waterproofs ??????

After I left I heard that the Pay Officer was tried and found guildy by GCM for fiddling the funds......funny old thing.
What about the regimental tracksuit as well, thought we were all "encouraged" to buy that as well, or is my memory going again 8O


Oh, troop sweatshirts just before pass off can be added to that list as well, fecking con :roll:

now run around that bugger :lol: :lol: :lol:

Easy. JLR RCT was twice as big at Colerne.

This picture only shows 60% of the camp too!
Remember when 'Vicars'? had their 'secret tank' running up and down the runway?

Or the sports day when on the high jump the winner missed the crash mat and fell on his head.

The PS tried to put him in the 3/4 prone on the bad side of his head.

Every time he moaned and tried to turn the fcukers put him back.
Plant-Pilot said:
daz said:
now run around that bugger :lol: :lol: :lol:
What? Again? At my age? 8O
Yes :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: , either that or litter picking detail , a.k.a womble patrol :lol: :lol: around the airfield.

G3Ops said:
Forgot about them matey.

I do remember a bone troop plaque that we all bought.........and pass-off pictures of the cadre (fcuk me we were stupid......thinking my mum would cherish a picture of some fat fcukers who have been beasting the sh1t out of her son for 9 months.........my nan threw hers in a drawer too)

Remember Ex Brave Defender...............what a fcuking scream. Hundreds of half trained junior soldiers running around the camp like *********............If my memory serves me correctly didn't the Paras attack one of our locations and kick the sh1t out of some of the lads?
Got the plaque, or rather my mum has (still not sure why mind you), only picture i've got is of the troop about halfway though the training ( http://groups.msn.com/cardiffroyalsignals/ouston.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=317 )

If Ex Brave Defender is the one i think your on about, might of been some of the 2 Sqn bods who got whacked by the paras, we could hear it from our Loc, same Ex there was Belgium paras knocking about looking like total cnuts.

I was there as a crab from 88 to 92 (ish) My radar det was in the middle of the cross runways and we stayed in the sgts mess annex

and I remember the vicars tank testing
Ouston what a place, having to buy a tracksuit, saturday morning drill, trying to get back into camp on a saturday afternoon looking sober, every exercise you ever did was on Otterburn the Devils very own Sh1thouse, weeding the entire airfield so Princess Annes plane could land for our pass off.
Remember the RSM getting a kissogram on the square on a saturday morning during drill, steam coming out of his ears, Drill stops for no man or woman, he was a pure Cassette head.
Remember the inter-squadron sports day turning into a mass pitch invasion during the 5-a-side.
Jeff Ellis was the TP SGT, what a bloke an absolute gent, you could not ask for a better TP SGT, if there was ever a valid argument for cloning this man is the one, every basic training TP should have one. We wouldn't get any of the pond life we get nowadays.
Sgt Ellis I salute you. :wink:
Fantastic to see a photo of the old stomping ground!

I was in Kohima '82. Have nothing but happy memories of my time there. Taff Tudgay was our Troopy, an outstanding bloke.

I agree with what Tubbs says regarding those great troopies, those were the days. Ahhhh!!!!
Yes they were the days a whole year in Ouston Lightning troop 1981. On completion of training being in the shooting team as a trained soldier yee haaa. Wearing your Sunday best out to Newcastle on a Saturday. Everyone walking as Michelen men trying to sneak past Dinga Bell with your jeans and stuff on underneath. Babysitting for the troop Sergeant and getting a peak at a hard core mivie for the first time. Yes I remeber it all well good days long gone boo hoooo
Gawd yesss! the kissogram!! I forgot that, Quadrant Sep 81. What about Plimmie getting marched off to the guardroom every 5 seconds?

Bumper Drill with Eddie Bell?
Can any old ousten boys help, when I was there 88-92 there were some remains of buildings or masts or something at the far end of one runway , anyone any ideas ? This was at the far end of the north - south runway
daz said:

now run around that bugger :lol: :lol: :lol:

Again? I've run around that place enough times thank you very much :p

I very nearly got posted back there as a Sgt to an Arty rear link I think it was. But it all turned out to be a mistake thank god.

I once ran in to an RAF type on a sailing course who used to fly Hunters out of the place in the sixties! RAF Albermarle, hence Albermarle Barracks.

Eddie Bell what a scary character. Back in 84 what were the names of the 3 RPs, two siggies (one a fat cnut) and a LCpl who was the epitome of ugly and stupid? He sold his TV to buy one of those new fangled video recorders, or so I heard. :twisted:

I remember Cpl Glen M****** throwing an SLR at one of the guys complete with fixed bayonet for doing somthing wrong during a drill lesson. Also Gaz Te**n made to do right turns in the middle of the square shouting out "I'm a useless cnut" each time during drill :D (he ended up in the PT Corps - not bad considering he failed his first BFT!!) top bloke by the way. Could you imagine stuff like that happening today? :?

As G3Ops says. (I thought) I thought it was crap but it really was a fcuking great time looking back. Wouldn't be allowed today though :? Someone might get hurt. :roll:
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