Our War - Question about one of the lads

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. Watched the final instalment last night, firstly much respect to all out there.

    This shows an old matelot what its like to operate in the field, rather than a nice warm metal box with a selection of hot food and showers.

    Admittedly if the shit hits fan its probably coz something large and bomb shaped has just come through the wall.

    Anyway I digress, wholst watching the show I noticed during the section about a lad catching a round in his leg that he seemed to be carrying a 2inch (ish) paintbrush in a loop on his body armour.
    Was this guy a member of Her Majesties Own Painters and Decorators, or does part of the Hearts & Minds strategy involve going round touching up the woodwork in the compounds?
  2. It's for cleaning his rifle, excellent for dusting away little bit's of dust and sand that seem to appear in those dusty environments!

    or... It could be for painting his shed...

    well when the shit hits the fan, queue the line: There's always a fucking fight when the painters are in ...

    I'll get my coat :D
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    It's for area cleaning after a fire fight.
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  4. Yeah good observation skills, why was the female medic dressed in the costume of the Amish? (an obscure American religious sect).
  5. Cos after the tour she had been on, she can.

    p.s my idea of the amish obviously is different to yours.
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  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    It's all to do with the cameras.
    If he doesn't use the brush to touch up his make up, then his face would look all shiny on the film!
  7. Its a brush so once the contact is over they can go around on their knees brushing away the dirt to look for all the empty brass. MoD thengets it shipped back and weigh it in for scrap.
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  8. Painter and decorater walt. Bet he claims he was first on the trestles aswell!
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  9. It's all part of maintaining the standards of the British Army. Gone are the days of beards, baseball caps and dirty unironed combats, the brush is so that once the contact is over he can get about cleaning his boots, you can't correctly implement courageous restraint with dusty boots.

    You should have seen the shit he got in once he was casevac'd back to Bastion, long hair, ill shaven, wearing a UBACS and no regimental head dress
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  10. Woukld they not let him in for medical treatment unless he smartend up himself? Ripped and bloody combats are no excuse
  11. I found the whole thing rather disgusting. Creeping around pretending to be bushes, hiding in ditches, dodging behind walls, etc.
    Whatever happened to marching in straight lines with nice shiny brasses and bright red tunics ?
    Its not like it was in my day blah blah blah blah gunboat blah blah ......
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  12. You may jest - We had a C/Sgt who made us pick up the brass before the morning clearance patrols had gone out after our sangar got contacted on Telic.

    Re the thread - Don't listen to them. Its for touching up the paintwork on your weapon and maintaining the correct colour scheme depending on the environment you're operating in.
  13. "Courageous Restraint" begins with pinpointing precise location of incoming fire and ends in tickling the fuckers to death with a paintbrush
  14. The squaddies go around painting depictions of Mohammed at prominent points. This un-Islamic practise drives the enemy into a frenzy of righteous outrage. Blinded by fury, they throw caution to the winds and become much easier to spot and kill. Hope this helps.
  15. With his knob out?