Our Top Motoring Show To Launch World Tour?



From the radio this one, has anyone got a link?

The scurrilous and incorrigible trio from TV's top motoring show are reportedly doing a 'live' world tour it was announced tonight. The trio have been compared to Compo, Foggy and Clegg of 'Last of the Summer Wine' fame.

The threesome will thunder across London's Tower Bridge in a stretched Armoured Personnel Carrier to launch their new Live world tour. It will be driven by none other than the show's pet racing driver.

The world tour will visit Auckland, Sydney, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Dublin in its first year, with 10 shows on each leg and is likely to cost a fortune, although they may run out of fuel if the price of oil rises further though Supermarkets have offered stamps and discounts. It will then visit Stuttgart, Moscow, and Abu Dhabi the year after (which might come in jolly handy as that's where they make the petrol)

A spokesman said:

"We're very excited at this new venture and there will be loads of challenges facing us - in fact there will be more challenges than there are faults on a Morris Marina or even cats eyes on the M1. X Factor has now finished Although this is just a publicity stunt, the real fun begins at Ali's Emporium, Knightsbridge if this tank gets us there! People will be treated to us messing about with cars in a 75 minute show which is the same time it takes to build a Skoda from scratch. Me and the team are game for the whole trip although one of us may only do part of the trip because he has to visit Boris Johnson's hairdresser every month."

"However, Houston, we do have a problem; 'our pet racing driver has not renewed his passport, so we shall have to employ "Stigs" in other countries except they may be used to driving on the wrong side." he added.

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