Our Soldier - Free Portraits for Troops

Hello there Arrsers.

I was wondering if you lovely bunch could take a look on here and let me know what you think.
If we can get this off the ground, it's you lot that will directly benefit from it along with your families.

Any help in donations or even sharing and helping get the word out would be amazing. It's something I really believe in and would love to see it take off.

Our Soldier - Crowdfunder

Thank you!

"About the pitch

'Our Soldier' is a unique organisation with the aim of supporting serving British soldiers and their families before, during and after deployments.
We intend to do this by providing professional, high-quality studio portraits absolutely free of charge.

Shortly before their deployment, we will set up studios (close to/in camp) for troops to come with their families for a private shoot with our team.

The photos will then be printed on durable, weatherproofed vinyl that the soldiers can carry with them on operations without fear of wear and tear associated with normal paper prints.
They will be designed to fit snugly in a pouch or pocket, always to hand.
We believe that photos of loved ones is one of our servicemen and women's most comforting items whilst deployed and they deserve the highest standard.
It's also a constant reminder of what they're fighting for.

Of course, it's not just the soldiers themselves who need comforting whilst away.
What about the ones left behind?
We're also providing prints of the highest possible standard to the families to be framed along with a photo disc for extended family or re-prints.

Family portraits in a high street studio can be extremely expensive and a lot of military families simply can't afford it, especially not so close to a deployment.
With your help, that will no longer be an issue.
We want to serve our troops, as they continue to serve us.

We're asking for donations to help kick-start this project in to becoming a recognised charity and enabling us to help more and more families.

We are completely non-profit and all money raised covers crucial equipment and printing costs. If you can help, it will be directly applied to helping service families during such a turbulent time.
Even a small amount goes a long way."
I'm actually a Prince there. How did you know?

No. I was QRL, now moving over to MOG(v) which gives me time to do this in between.
I thought it'd be great for the lads and lasses who are about to go out.

Prototypes are holding up over there at the moment. Just waiting to get some photos back. I'll be posting updates throughout the period of the pitch.

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