Our Say - public referendums (or is that referenda?)

If this doesn't work, it'll have to be a coup! :wink:


OUR SAY’s proposals are based on the “citizens’ initiatives” ideas in the POWER Inquiry report published in February 2006. Similar systems operate successfully in many other countries, notably Switzerland, New Zealand, Poland and parts of the USA.
Referendums would be triggered by a petition supported by 2.5% of the electorate - one million people for a national referendum or 3-4,000 for a local issue. Signatures would have to be gathered within a set period and verified by the Electoral Commission. The outcome of the referendum would be binding either on Parliament or the relevant local authority.
Referendums would be held once a year – on Referendum Day, held to coincide with local elections.
There would be strict limits on expenditure during the referendum campaigns and the Electoral Commission would have to set a fair, balanced question. Broadcast media would be required to ensure that there was equal coverage for both sides of any referendum question.
You know, reading through it, it's not that bad a idea - shame that it'll probably won't go far as their publicity is crap. And I can see some politician putting their foot on it like Hans mentions above. But what is the alternative to stir up more interest from the public, or a way where we don't depend on the two parties making up the rules then??

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