Our Politicians and Afghanistan - in a nutshell

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Spotted in a blog, utterly brilliant! Sums it up precisely.

  2. I doubt whether any relative or friend would want the sight of the disgusting Brown anywhere near a repatriation.
  3. He is wise to stay away, things might get unpleasant for him.
  4. The PM has a job to do and it's just not realistic to expect him to attend every repatriation.

    Having said that, I agree with the first two lines of that quote wholeheartedly. The guy is a cnut, who has no concept of war fighting.

  5. The PM has a job to do!, yes of course he does, it is as the Queens First Minister, to gather around him a Government of Honourable men and women who,s task is to Defend the Realm. Afghanistan is not a threat to our nation or country, so why are we there?. I fully support our troops in all that they do, but then so should the Government, they patently do not and seemingly do not intend to. So, what is their agenda?, is it to so demoralise our Armed Forces that recruitment falls and thereby be unable to fill in the gaps caused by loses, reduce our once proud Navy by not replacing ships ( or promising to build new Capital Ships that cannot be manned and protected), ignore our RAF and their need to aquire more modern aircraft, or increase what is already there.

    All this would suit New Liarbor down to the ground as they fear Armies, especialy one which has sworn an oath to their Head of State, Her Majesty the Queen.
  6. Hard summer. Get all the troops who came from his constituency and put them on point somewhere out there. He would then be very blo*dy worried about his share of the vote.
  7. Does he send someone to represent him though? If not, he should.
  8. If we are all honest, would any of us want him there?
    I for one would not.
  9. I think it's almost more disrespectful to send someone low-ranking to represent him. Besides which, most other people in Government have jobs they should be doing too.

    And signet has a valid point. Would the families appreciate them being there, or feel as though they were being taken advantage of for political point-scoring.
  10. A friend of mine recently deployed, (clearly with the recent 'sliming' by greeen custard of Peter Mandelson in mind) has left a plasma bottle with a pint of his blood with instructions that if he should not make it back, his family are to ensure that it is emptied over the head of any NuLabour basteward who dares to make a public appearance. He regards it as a simple but effective protest!

    I make no comment at all on the propriety of it!
  11. I know i should really post something intelligent and worth while but the only thing that comes to mind in answer to the questions is fcukwits and cnuts realy.....
  12. Surely it would be show the Government acknowledging the sacrifice made and mean more than the lip service given in a few lines of condolence
  13. He could send the Queen or charlie boy.

    The royal families silence towards Iraq and afgoonistan may well turn enough people to think we need a president for the future of GB Ltd.

    As many posters have said on this website, GB is no longer a democracy.

    And expecting the elected politicians of ANY party to "stand up and be counted" is in all honesty bloody stupid, childish and the closest thing to being a chav!
  14. While we have polititians who are unable to see, hear or tell the truth, we are going nowhere
  15. You need to leave off the booze - it's rotting what's left of your brain!