Our Police walts will love this

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dominus-Mortis, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Invented in the US, a new way of reducing the deaths from car chases

    Car tracker gun

    The item is a video feed but I'm still having trouble linking directly to it, when you click the above, the item is the first one at the top the searched items ( LAPD target end to car chases); best I can do for now.

    Wait until the walts that make up our police forces see this, they'll be wetting themselves.

  2. Link doesn't work!
  3. edited as link fixed (err....almost :? )

  4. I think he's refering to police officers who act as though they are members of a paramilitary agency rather than a civilian police force.
    An ex-SO19 officer wrote a book called Good Guys Wear Black. In it, he refers to Walts as "Yellow-Arses", because you could get them to paint their bums yellow just by telling them it was the latest SAS urban camouflage technique.
    Clear enough for you?

  5. Well he has mentioned before that he does have an axe to grind against the Police. Maybe thats the answer?!?

    DM, were you refering to " Good Guys Wear Black" ?
  6. No. I'm reffering to the fact that the police in this country are a joke - pretending to be Police officers with the publics interest at heart when in reality they are nothing more than Bliar's Gestapo.

    Question answered, please keep further replies on topic rather than let another thread descend into mudslinging.

  7. Ive seen some pathetic rants but this one just deserves a reply

    How can you tar every police officer in the country with being a part of blairs Gestapo. They didnt choose Blair just as we didnt choose Blair (well some of us anyway), does this imply that all of us in the Military and Blairs stormtroopers.

    And how can you throw a load of mud in everyones direction and then say no more mudslinging. When your out on you night on the town and getting a severe kicking off the locals the only thing likely to save your sorry ass is these 'Jokes' as you so lovingly refer to them.

    No organisation is without its faults but i think you need to go and retrieve your teddy bear and grow up

    Dont think of me as mudslinging but more trying to give you some kind of reality check, which of course you clearly need

  8. Nice of the BBC to show young Chavs how to tip cars :)
  9. as long as I'm not a Brazillian electrician I should be ok...

  10. Your so right DM.
    I am now going to polish my leather trench coat whilst perfecting a ridiculous german accent , a crude walk and try and find the painting of the Maddona with the big Bo*bies.

    Regards was MTM now Herr Flick :(
  11. err...yes...quite

    back on topic, surely all the twoccer has to do is dump the car and thus make the tracker redundant? Still got to be safer than "tipping", seen a lot of footage of when it goes wrong.

  12. I'm sorry DM please clarify. Are you saying Police walts will be wetting themselves because they would want this tracker device or are they wetting themselves because don't want it ?

    PS . I could only listen to the link, but have an idea of what they are on about.
  13. DZ - the author of GGWB was an ex-SO19 officer with years of perational experiance. I don't believe everything I read - and that includes what I read on ARRSE - but I have no reason to doub this guy.