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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by supportourtroops, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Hello

    I run a website for Army Wives, I was wondering if you would take a look at our petition and if you agree please sign it, although we know it probably will not have an impact, soldiers currently serving in Iraq are checking it and we would appreciate you to sign to show that they still have our support


    Thank you very much

  2. Thanks for all that has signed so far, it was on 7 when the lads last checked they will be pleased
  3. We now have 100 signatures in the space of a few hours! thank you
  4. Done it, do you want to hit the guardian now. you have my support
  5. Thanks for signing bobos, any ideas you or anyone else has for how we can do more and spread the word would be great, the boys will be chuffed to see the support they have had on the first day
  6. almost 200 signatures! the boys will be chuffed thanks all x
  7. Hey

    Ive done it, this is something i greatly despise with the media!
  8. I agree with the general 'gist' of the letter, but not the final paragraph. It's just incorrect:

    "Maybe you should be concentrating on trying to get our soldiers pulled out of Iraq rather than stirring up trouble that will only keep them over there longer."

    However, for various reasons, I can't sign it.

    If you want to ensure that it has some credibility, I would suggest you look at the punctuation and "ease of reading". It dosen't flow very well.
  9. Dunno - think she could have a point there. :?
  10. Sorry that my grammar is incorrect and you feel the general letter doesnt flow well but I think that its ok and it was written from my heart I wasnt looking at the spelling and grammar

    thank you for taking the time to read it even though you feel you could not sign it
  11. Signed and done.

    Like your idea, we need more people to stand up and be counted rather than just sitting back and b1tching about it!

  12. Supportourtroops, your letter is just fine as is. Never mind the spelling or grammar. The message is crystal clear and stand-by any reporter who chooses to focus on the spelling instead of the message. Your husband should be very proud of you.



  13. I have to agree with StabT, while I agree with the "you irresponsible scumbag" tone of the letter the end is a political statement and is veering too close to the stop the war territory, lets not forget that a tactic to get the very troops out of Iraq is to publish or broadcast as much muck as possible and increase pressure on the government to quit. Negativity breeds negativity. I am sure they NOTW journo scum are anti war. Keep your politics to yourself and please dont try to politisise serving soldiers (which is in effect what you are doing) hijacking the NOTW's traitorous act (yes it is) to promote a political agenda. At least edit the letter.
    I am sure your intentions are noble but you are hijacking the outrage of many of the military community for YOUR political opinion. Sure your not pushing an agenda ?
  14. No actually I dont think that I am, many soldiers support what I have written as many have signed it as you would see if you looked through the signatures, I am not pushing an agenda especially not one of my own, I do not believe we should pull our men out of their until the work is done, I simply believe that by printing what they have the NOTW will make their job harder and their time in Iraq longer
  15. Thank you for your message I am incredibly proud of him as wel I just hope that he realises that

    Also to everyone else I cant edit the letter now so it is irrelevant what I should change now x