Our patheticly soft country

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Saw this bunch of Italian nutters having fun on the telly last night at a traditional Italian event:


    And the Spanish have their Historicaly Traditional Bull Running and Tomato Fighting events:



    So why is it that our as ever, over zealous and spinless beurocrats have banned our kids from having Conker fights?

    Here is a list of all the traditional games that are banned in our schools playgrounds. You might also notice how this website celebrates our multiculturalness and celebrates the 70 years of Poland.


    Are we the only country in Europe that goes miles out of it's way to enforce European rules?
  2. I suspect the problems with kids games in schools is far more to do with the 'compo culture' and overprotective parents causing bother for staff than anything to do with wimpishness. Equally it only takes one idiot school to ban something for the press to make it look as if all schools have banned it. For example there is no problem with conkers where I live and you will see kids form 7 to 70 collecting them.

    The world is full of stupid people and some of them are teachers.
  3. Isn't there somewhere in Cornwall where you can carrying buring barels of tar around? Don't forget Morris Dancing either; the opportunity to batter each other with sticks.
  4. Never mind, people, April 23rd (St Georges Day) is just round the corner so we will have something to celebrate. Oh no, we won't as it might upset a few people, especially Red Ken.
  5. Up Helle Ya: hordes of Viking Walts get p1ssed out of their skulls while carrying flaming torches. After hours of drinking, they all stand around a replica Viking Longboat and throw the torches, setting it ablaze... 8)

    Sadly, the traditional Rape and Pillage has been banned by Health and Safety. :evil:
  6. Spent last year's in Traf Sq with the Monty Python crew on a world record attempt on the largest crowd playing coconut hooves. Obviously this was after a lot of alcohol had been/was being consumed.
  7. We roll a cheese down a very steep hill in Gloucestershire every year. Causes untold numbers of casualties but very little pain as most of the participants seem to have taken on board a fair amount of the local apple juice. Another fine British tradition.
  8. Just in case its not clear to anyone (overseas viewers, etc.). You don't just roll the cheese down the hill and watch it...you have to race after it, hence the injuries.
  9. I'm shocked to see that this isn't banned yet

    Surely this constitutes sexual harassment and negative gender stereotyping?

    I see that my sister & brother-in-law guilty of abuse and neglect by allowing my little nieces to play hopscotch and skipping in their back garden

    What sort of monsters are they? I'll have the law onto them! :roll:
  10. Allendale, Northumberland.
    Done on new years eve and used to light a bonfire in the town square. Carried on the head by fairly severely inbred yokels
  11. There are certainly some big cheeses I would like to roll down a steep hill.... [Hain, Blair etc.,] Better still, over Beachy Head !!!!!
  12. If you're in Derbyshire tomorrow you can go and see this:

    Looks more fun than a pancake race!
  13. What EU "rules" are there anti-fun laws now?...the UK is the only country any where who uses that line about this and that "EU laws", if these mythical EU laws were in existence, can someone tell me why I can still go out and play hurling, rugby, football (our version) ect ect without getting hauled up before some judge or whatever? :? ...face it lads, it's your own nanny government who bring these retarded H&S rules in then blame it on the perfidious outsiders.
  14. One minute they're banning physical games in the playground, the next minute they're whingeing because kids are sat indoors on their XBox.

    I blame the Teletubbies, it all started going wrong after they arrived on the scene.
  15. Latest rubbish.

    Pancake race stopped by red tape..