" Our Operational Bonus Has Been Paid!!"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. I heard this joyous remark today whilst shopping in the NAAFI, thing is it wasnt being said among soldiers but was a comment between a gaggle of wives!! " Our" bonus? Give me strength!!! These are the sort of wimmin who will wear their husband's rank for the duration of his career and be right pains in the arses at functions and do's; you know the sort, dont say you dont.

    I'm outraged and am currently first parading the bus.

    Edited to add: The blokes arent even back from the tour yet!!!
  2. No doubt she'll have spent the lot before the poor schmuck gets back.
  3. Ipad 2s at 580 euros a go were being eyed up.
  4. Ugh. I can remember being a young, handsome, singlie shopping in the NAAFI at JHQ with my basket full of singlie supplies (one pot noodle, case of beer, bottle of JD) when I came round the corner and crashed into a pad family.

    The poor, skinny wretch of a man was being berated by his hideous, Ron Hill clad wife, screeching the immortal words "What you buying that fer? You know our Darren don't like 'em Findus Crispy Pancakes!"

    I caught his eye and his look said "Kill me. Kill me now".

    I shuddered and resolved never, ever to partake in Pad Life.

    On the way out, just to rub it in, I brought some bottles of vodka. :)
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  5. This just goes to show that only a mug would have his wages paid into a joint account.
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  6. And while I'm on a roll can I just say that I also heard something along the lines of "We're posted to Catterick, but we dont know if we're going to take it,we dont know if we'd like it there." "We"? Fucking "We"??? I only hope the needs of the Service fucks this "we" right up.
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  7. Was she wearing white stiletto's? They had their own uniform in those days - spot them a mile off, particularly as most of them were a size 20. I don't suppose much has changed, other than a significant increase in tattoos and body piercings.
  8. Don't forget them squeezing into a Coy/Sqn/Bty t-shirt that's a size too small
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  9. I think that's it - with the advent of trendy tattoos, and body piercings most of them look worse than ever.
  10. {{{{{{{SHUDDERS}}}}}}} just at the memories that are flooding back and 'thanks' crow_bag for the nightmares that are sure to follow........again!!!
  11. What's wrong with 'we' or 'our'?

    Marriage is a team event.

    That's why 'we' like it when the wife gets paid 'our' second income.
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  12. Bollocks.

    How come it's always OUR car, or OUR Sky Bill, or OUR house, but it's always HER tits?

    There's sharing for you. :)
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  13. Then she has to clean them off when you've spaffed on them...