Our new Regimental website

Dear All,

I look forward to hearing your comments on our new Regimental Website (or rather Regimental Association's website  ;)) at http://33signals.org.uk.

It is designed to be current, easy to update and provide information for potential recruits, rather than being a comprehensive record of all our activities.

Clean and crisp layout, but opening page a bit long if viewing 640 x 480

More piccies please , a link to Arrse, and a smack round the noggin to Sig. Spellingmistake, who made Macrihanish sound like an idyllic holiday destination in the Mull , as opposed to a sh1thole at the Arrse end of the Atlantic :)

Arrse link included, more piccies on their way and a slap around the noggin administered to Sig Startrek.

Excellent : )

Lot to be said for a paper white layout, tis me favourite

Working on ours now, will let everyone have a look when I'm happy


I cant believe there is a person ALIVE who likes that place......best thing about it is its very far away and I'm not going there again  ;)

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