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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by msr, Apr 8, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Dear All,

    I look forward to hearing your comments on our new Regimental Website (or rather Regimental Association's website  ;)) at http://33signals.org.uk.

    It is designed to be current, easy to update and provide information for potential recruits, rather than being a comprehensive record of all our activities.

    So, where's the link to Arrse?

    ;) ;D
  3. Nice site MSR,

    I live round the corner from the Rusholme unit. Even did my joining medical there in 85 in the old building which got demolished for the Carlos Fandango one that sits there now.

    My one criticism. When wishing to demonstrate the initiative and intelligence of a soldier pictorially, is it always essential to have a guy sat down pointing at somewhere totally random on a map, whilst another soldier looks over his shoulder pretending to look interested and thoughtful? Should have gone the whole hog and had the guy sitting wearing a headset that isn't connected.  ;D
  4. msr

    msr LE


    It was just one of a number of photos which I was given on a CD. The main effort for this website was to get it ready for Op Energise. As with any website, the feedback which I receive will lead to the tweaking which needs to happen (more photos, adventure training page, weekend a and c descriptions etc) will take place over the next few weeks.

  5. Wot no Radio though?!  ;)
  6. msr

    msr LE


    Check your PM. I'll sort it within 24 hrs...

  7. daz

    daz LE

    Nice site, just dont let RHQ get their hands on it 8),
  8. You really think they would know what to DO with it??  ;)
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Daz, ARO,

    The purpose of the site and its contents have been agreed  and I have been tasked with delivering/maintaining it to ensure that it serves its  purpose as a recruiting tool for the regiment.

    ARO, when are you going to send me your story and some pictures?

  10. Iam trying to trace rearlink det scalys that were attached to 24 missile regt RA 74-76 anybody any ideas? or know of any of them?
    thanking you in anticipation

    We had some laughs!!
  11. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Start a new thread then with a sensible title of its own. Posting in a 4 year old thread which has nothing to do with your subject isn't going to attract the attention of the right people......
  12. Cancerman,

    I suggest a start of two new threads, stating what you want in the title. One in Sigs and one in Arty.
  13. Whatever happened to that website, msr? Have you got one on Armynet now?
  14. Just out of interest, wonder why you are plugging the woodentops band rather then the TA Sigs band or worse still, the corps noise machine
  15. I think the site has fallen into disrepair and that's a default scabby ISP page you can see.