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EU minister in Ashton problems Posted: 24 November 2009 13:20

by Carel Goseling

Catherine Ashton. | EPA photo / Dirk Waem
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THE HAGUE - The brand new EU Minister for Foreign Affairs, the British Catherine Ashton, is already in trouble hit.

Ashton worked late seventies and early eighties as treasurer for CND, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, London. This organization received donations from the then Soviet Union. Several members of the European parliament demands an investigation.

CND campaign then claimed a unilateral disarmament of the West. These actions were secretly funded by the Soviet Union, as demonstrated by records of the Politburo, the executive committee of the Communist Party. Moscow reportedly spent millions of rubles to organizations such as CND. CND at the time refused to disclose the donors. Research from accountants revealed later that the source of 38 percent of the revenues of CND was not to find out.

According to Gerard Batten, a British member of the European Parliament for the independent party UKIP, Ashtons are activities for CND - if they knew of the flow of money from the Soviet Union - it means that as an enemy of Great Britain behaved. If Ashton did not know where the money came, she was totally incompetent as treasurer, said Batten, who shed light on his compatriot demands.

The Czech member of the European Parliament, Hynek Fajmon (liberal conservative) calls it a case-Ashton 'scandalous life ". ,, Everyone knows that the Kremlin supported CND. It was the fifth column of the Soviet Union in the West.''Party and his compatriot Alexander Vondra, former Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, to a thorough investigation.

The spokesman for Ashton, Lutz Guellner, did not say anything about the past of the new EU Minister for Foreign Affairs, except that they are never a member of a communist party. "And if it goes about its activities for CND, which is a domestic political issue of Great Britain.''

KINNOCKS get 6 state pensions


(During their time in Brussels both Kinnocks claimed a housing allowance on top of their incomes, even though they lived in the same home. This alone would have netted the couple almost £600,000 over 10 years) = is this not fraud??

+ (The Kinnocks are Brussels’s very own Lord and Lady Expenses,” said Mats Persson of Open Europe, the London-based think tank that calculated the Kinnocks’ earnings ).

YES kinnocks have 6 state pensions!!! while OUR pension age is due to rise?

Isn't democracy great.......... for the EU Commission.

Hm, there is an evergrowing bad smell over the appointment of the said Baroness - either she is being set up as a patsy or a good few people on the appointments committee know a lot more than they are letting on.

Looking at Ashton's and Kinnock's CV, they both have one thing in common - neither have ever had a proper job.
It looks like pretty irrelevant muck raking. Whether you agree with the aims of CND or not, at the height of CND's popularity, the majority of its members had sincerely held views on nuclear disarmament and were not Soviet sympathisers or anything approaching that. One would assume the Soviets were canny enough not to send Soviet Central Bank cheques to CND.
Booty said:
It looks like pretty irrelevant muck raking. Whether you agree with the aims of CND or not, at the height of CND's popularity, the majority of its members had a sincerely views on nuclear disarmament and were not Soviet sympathisers or anything approaching that.
Perhaps you ought to go away and take a look at what Ashton did in CND?
When you have done that perhas you ought to look at where CND obtained its funding?

It is hardly irrelevant given that she has been appointed to a position of power within the EU. Her past and poltical sympathies are quite important don't you think?
I don't know enough about the CND movement, it's links with the Soviets or indeed Mrs Ashton's (whatever they were) to comment on that part, but she did do a competent job in her brief as comissioner.
She signed the FTA with South Korea for instance (which was important)
The conspiracy theorists think that it's another step towards a new world order, an unelected elite lording it over us. I get their point. It gets to me how you see these pictures of them in scruffy Oxfam jumpers handing in petitions to downing street before taking off to the uni bar to give the right-on speech to their doe-eyed gimps in their Sisters of Mercy t-shirts, then a few decades later you hear that they're Lord or Lady EU/Junket/Quango (delete as appropriate.)


The whole thing is corrupt.
Nigel Farage MEP in the EU arliament


The speech:



Last year Connolly lost his case in the EU's lower court, the Court of First Instance, which ruled that the EU has an undefined - and seemingly unlimited - power to restrict political criticism in `the general interests of the Communities'. He appealed against this astounding ruling, challenging the big boys in the full Court of Justice to ensure that sanity prevailed. Instead, he now finds himself up against Mr Ruiz-Jarabo Colomer, who has upped the ante, chattering about blasphemy.

fm: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3724/is_200011/ai_n8923307/

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