Our National Anthem is Pap!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by G3Ops, May 25, 2005.

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  1. Agree! its way overdue for a change I cann't hear the remix on my machine but being a remix I take it singing is optional, much better idea gives time for reflection not embarasing mumberling
  2. Agreed, about time we had our own (English) national anthem.

    I was always under the impression the God Save The Queen was the national anthem of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland not England.
  3. Too right. I was having this conversation just a couple of days ago. 'I vow' is evocative of Spitfires doing barrel rolls over the white cliffs, a grinning Tommy Atkins lifting a mug of char to his mouth with a cheeky wink in a jerky 1940s newsreel, and a frigate flying the white ensign cutting through the pounding waves while her captain chews ruminatively on his battered pipe.

    Whereas 'God Save' sounds like a fookin' dirge, and conjures up images of underage mothers with pushchairs crowding around the entrance of a betting shop on a drizzly Monday morning in March.

    Change it, change it ALL!
  4. hear hear! One of my personal favourites
  5. Oh God! You'll be wanting Britain to become a republic next. :roll:

    It starts with changeing the National Anthem. Then some politically correct do-gooder suggests that perhaps a new anthem should be written to appeal to a wider cross section of society. Some othe cnut remarks that today's Youth culture has little or no national Identity. It ends with a fcuking Hip Hop bag of shite.

    Why don't we replace the blue sections on the union Flag with Burbury Plaid while we are at it?

    Come to think of it 'Big Ben' doesn't sound very cool. Let's change it's name to 'Big Romeo' or ' Big P Diddy'.

  6. Our national anthem is our national anthem - there may be better tunes out there but we're not in a Tops of the Pops world here. FFS !. If you don't think the Guards make a good fist of it on HorseGuards, or National Youth Jazz Orchestra arrangement doesn't raise the hairs then there's no hope for you.

    What does hack me off is that

    1. Most people know most of the words for verse 1

    2. Hardly anyone know verse 2 - every match in 2002 World Cup the Nips played two verses, given that it was the Golden Jubilee you'd have thought that supporters (and The Scum) would have felt good about 'Long may She reign'. Instead they laughed (thinking Nips had screwed up) and sang verse 1 again.

    3. England 'supporters' (football & cricket) belting it out several times during a match, but rarely starting on a note that enables them to sing the higher notes.

    4. Match organisers getting in operatic or pop twonks to do their thing - let the crowd do it. At Euro 96 one pop arrse had a microphone failure and tried to get it all to start again (QF v Spain or SF v Krouts?). Broadcasters then take their feed from mikes rather than ground effects.

    5. There's always some wee-wee whining about why we should have another national anthem.

    6. Hardly anyone does it at correct tempo (it should rall/slow twice during verse) - this is why it can come over as a dirge.

    You did ask !.


    PS - when playing Scotland, General Wade should get a look-in. Fair do's.
  7. You're bringing a tear to my eye (and not about the betting shop bit either). :wink:
  8. Completely agree, National Anthem is soooo dull. When you watch things like the 6 Nations, most of the other anthems are uplifting and get you psyched up for the game, but then it is "God save the Queen", and everyone is on a downer again. Probably have to wait to good old Liz passes over the reign, then they would put some other complete dross in. Love listening to Flower of Scotland, and Ireland standing strong, although not necessarily Anthems, really uplifting and just makes you want to have a few beers and enjoy the game.

    I know it's not all about rugby and stuff, just a bit of inspiration goes a long way...
  9. you should all be taken outside and shot for treason you swines
  10. Wrong.

    God Save The Queen is the national anthem of the United Kingdom, not England.

    Scotland has 'Flower of Scotland', Wales has 'Hen Wlad fy Nhadau' so why do we (the English) have to keep using the national anthem of the UK rather than have our own?
  11. As a hymn for England it would not be particularly appropriate. The hymn is actually the words of a poem, "The Two Fatherlands" by Sir Cecil Spring Rice set to Gustav Holst's Jupiter Theme from The Planets. The Two Fatherland refers to the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Due to these facts, it would not be an appropriate to use it as an English anthem. I think we should have Vindaloo by Fat Les.
  12. because we do you fcuking ingrate
  13. Totally agree.

    We should retain the National Anthem for occasions when we are the UK, but when we are being represented as England, this should be the anthem of choice. The Jocks and Taffs have their own so why not us. Oh thats right, we can't be trusted with a national identity can we! Bollox.

    Of course, there will be those who would prefer Land of Hope and Glory, or indeed Jerusalem, all of which are fine tunes. However, the lyrics to I vow to thee my country can not be any more patriotic. In fact immigrants should have to sing the anthem word perfect when they attend their swearing in cermony.

    Incidently, Mrs Eye_Spy and I had both Jerusalem and I vow to thee my country at our wedding. English through and through and proud of it.
  14. What ever the national anthem it can’t be as bad as that crap they played before the Lions game. What has spoiled national anthems at sports events for me is the practise of having a singer belt it out totally drowning the fans. Now don’t get me wrong they are often fine tune smiths but the power of a national anthem comes from the roar of 80,000 slightly pissed fans singing there hearts out. I was told that the reason for the singer was to drown out opposition fans booing each other song which I think is a shame. What do people think is the best foreign anthem I have always liked the South African one.