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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, May 12, 2011.

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  1. It seems that D.Laws has got off very lightly,and the political establishment has got behind him.Laws says that fear of exposure in his private life,was the driver of his behaviour.I thought that gayness was not a crime-anywhere in UK?

    It appears to me,that Parliament has hardly reformed,post the expenses scandal?
  2. BBC News - Lib Dem David Laws to be suspended over expenses claims

    So do the honourable thing and resign
  3. Yep, I was going to comment on that too, but I was just too dispirited as it seems that our famous house of commons is now merely a den of thieves.
  4. The only politician I've ever met who I liked was a green. His first name's shayne (if memory serves) and he's the drugs spokesman for the party.
    At the husting for the last election, this Irish sounding fellow asked a question to the panel about faith schools and how they'd facilitate relations etc etc etc.
    The 'serious' candidates, lib dem (guffaw), tory and labour were all "oh yes very important part of our community take great care upmost respect" whatnot.
    The green chap responded 'We'd close the lot of you down because you're an abomination'.

    Not sure about his policies but he'll have my respect for that honesty, at the least. I wouldn't be upset of someone of his integrity were to be given the reigns for a while.
  5. He obtained money by deception. The reason he did it is immaterial.
    If he had any integrity at all he would have resigned, he's a very wealthy man and if keeping his sex life private was the issue he need never have claimed at all.
    Just another thief.
  6. Frank Fields deserves the boot as well. Defending the indefensible.
  7. Him?
    Green Party | Shane Collins

  8. That's the fellow. Bloody madman but still, better than a scheming backroom thief intent on shimmying his way up the greasy pole by toeing the party line and coming up with a crock of lies and dodging every time he's asked a question.
  9. The main change you all need to be aware of, is that there is no change.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    If he really wanted to keep it a secret he didn't have to claim anything
    He is after all a Multi milionaire and could afford to pay it back when caught
    Or is £50k the going rate to blow an MP these days?
  11. 40 thou? That's a lot of rent, please God, move in mysterious ways amongst your children in HMRC, inspire them to investigate the *********** in parliament.

    So that they may be smitten with writs for unpaid taxes, their nearest and dearest likewise

    And as the pikey returns to the house of God, to take the last of the Lead, visit unto the children of their children's children, a severe financial kicking, and mayhaps, a custodial visitation.

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  12. Amen! FFS 10 letters.