Our man in Chile..........The Falklands.....Twitter ..........and Mr Bean!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. So he didn't really call anyone anything. He made reference to a football chant in relation to a game he was attending.

    None story and shite media whoring.
  2. Oh come on it's a great story!
  3. But he wasn't rude was he?

    The Chileans were being rude. Our man just asked what it was they said, maybe because he is a little hard of hearing or has not attended a match before.

    A stiff upper lipped gent would never gloat about taking islands off gay Argie cowards.
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  4. He should have asked which bit wasn't true,
    Did we get them back? Yes, Si
    Are you cowards? Non
    That just leaves the gay bit, and we won't embarrass the shirtless one; don't ask, don't tell(taps side of nose)

    They should get rid of him though, as he looks like Dr Rowan's younger, fey, brother.
  5. An experienced diplomat would have carefully considered what he was going to write before doing so. Mr Benjamin would appear not to have done so. Interesting article on him here:

    Britain's Chile ambassador: The FCO's not Arabist | The Jewish Chronicle

    What his diplomatic ability is I don't know (although he's obviously not a lightweight) but he has well and truly shot himself in the foot. As a Jew, he seems to be part of the FCO trend of the last 15 years (ie since New Labour hit the heights) to elevate ethnic and religious minorities over indigenous bog-standard British males (grunge, grunge). Thinks: if he could have grown a pair of front appendages and worn a skirt, he would have been the Head of the Diplomatic Service by now!

    Things clearly ain't wot they used to be!
  6. So you admit you don't know him socially or professionally. You do however seem to think he has advanced to become a Head of Mission because of his ethnicity rather than his talent. What are you basing this on?

    Tell me, how did things "used to be"? Was the FCO entirely non-kosher prior to 1997?

    Tell me something else; when did being jewish stop a man from being "a bog standard british male"? I'm pretty sure we have been in the British Isles prior to the formation of the United Kingdom.
  7. I take it you are Jewish? I've had many Jewish and other ethnic minority friends over the years, a couple being very good friends to this day. And I have nothing whatsoever against ethnic or religious minorities gaining high position - I was happy to have them as my bosses if they were capable.
    I was making two points - :
    1. Over the last 15 years, as I said, the FCO has strayed too far into the area of positive discrimination. I don't criticise those who have succeeded as a result of this (in fact I strongly urged a Jamaican female colleague to take advantage of this, and she is now well up the ladder - rightly so in her case) but I do point the finger at FCO policy. Equal opportunities rarely figured.
    2. Some of these young and inexperienced young dips have made embarrassing mistakes along the way - remember the committee which arranged the reception for the Pope on his UK visit. That was rectified by, at the last minute, putting an older more experienced dip in charge.
    I don't begrudge young people of any background being given the chance to jump ahead, but it must be done on an equal basis, and they must be capable of holding such a position. Some clearly aren't!
  8. Well, no, not really. But if he wanted to, he could be
  9. What concerns me most about this is the suggestion we ought to worry about upsetting foreign Johnnies of ANY stripe.

    I mean, we're British dammit & the uppity wogs occupying other parts of the globe ought to know their place in the great moves of Empire.
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  10. Have you applied for the Diplomatic Corps vacancy as yet?
  11. The real question is though would a Jew who is also a white male be recipient of this "positive discrimination?" There have been Jews in top British government posts since the 19th century, including many cabinet ministers, a Viceroy of
    India and of course one PM (though his family had converted to Christianity).