Our Malcs been at it again!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by BenghaziBandit, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. Sorry A3B could not resist it, pics just come in of 'Our Malc's' dogs!
    "Owing to Army Budget cuts the Welsh Cavalry have had to review their Remount Troop!"

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  2. BB mate
    You're such a lad!!!!!!
  3. Benghi, The Dog looks old enough to have the LSGC with bar. B.
  4. Which one?
    Blossom the biggest is 16 stone and 38" at shoulder.
    Bear, the little one is 10 stone,16months old and will keep growing until about 4 years.
    The idea came from the KDG 'numnah' on ebay, these are shetland pony blankets made in France and Malc put the Bays badges on them.
    (He works at factory that puts logos on jackets etc, Military, sports etc.)
  5. The large one looks like a Newfoundlander a good Dog with Children and people in trouble in water. We had one a long time ago. They eat a lot as well. B.
  6. Old English Mastiffs.
    Now living in Burry Port ,Wales.

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