"Our" Josef Fritzl, Ariel Castro, guilty. Life + one thousand years!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. This horrible piece of filth took a plea deal to avoid the death penalty; the good news is his victims will not have to testify in open court about the nine hundred and some charges he pleaded guilty to.

    Ariel Castro Accepts Deal of 'Not Less Than a Thousand Years' - ABC News

    Wouldn't it be grand if we could "lend" you some judges like this? It'd put the "is spared jail" headline writers out of work.
  2. I think he should have got 7 days ROP's. See how sorry he is after he's been doing the CO's garden for a week. THEN he'd learn.
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  3. No avatar, PMs and restricted to where you can go? Harsh man.
  4. I doubt Castro will live long in the joint unless they keep him in segregation. Remember Jeffrey Dalmer, our cannibal/pedo was given a scalp massage with a steel bar by a fellow inmate.
  5. That man is fucking awesome.

    'I knew something was wrong when a pretty little white girl runs into a black man's arms. Dead giveaway'.

    Musical too

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  6. Another free spirit,murdered in the name of political correctness...

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  7. Well a life sentence did not last long, he topped himself in his cell
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  8. p'raps he didnt like prison food
  9. Thank you for that! I haven't watched the evening news yet.

    It can now be said he did one honourable thing during his lifetime . . . ending it.
  10. Control freak. Fred West, Shipman, Hamilton and any gun toting mass murderer: control freaks. Brady: control freak. Can't be arrsed looking up the rest of them. The clever control freaks don't kill directly, use proxies to do it for them and don't get trapped which, by puncturing their omnipotence, is likely to prompt self-killing.

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  11. image.jpg

    This is you right?
  12. And the thought of 30+ years of chowing down on big black cock can't be a bundle of laughs either*

    *-Unless you're jarrod
  13. The tax payers in the States will be no doubt thankful. Saved a few dollars.
  14. Fuck, I was hoping for a book describing the fun he had with his three non paying tenants. He must have had some good shit stored in the wank bank.
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