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Discussion in 'RAC' started by BenghaziBandit, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. 'Our Jack', Jack Roland Simpson, my Dads youngest brother in a large family, was a Sgt.Tank Commander in the 13/18th.Hussars.
    After his death a few years ago I was loaned a small diary he kept from Jan.1944 until Dec.1945.
    I collated this diary for Jacks children to help them understand some of the notes appertaining to military life.
    I was helped by Nancy Langmaid of the Bovvy research team and Pat Hennesey of the 13/18th. who went in on DDay in DD's.
    I have left out personal family notes and there are some days missing, but if you wish I will post diary notes daily from June 6th. until VE day.
    "Tuesday June 6th. D Day.
    Landed in France at Lion-sur- Mer at 10.00hrs. opposition slight except for shelling.(Gap until Sunday June 11th.)"

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  2. Sunday.June 11th.
    RTU.(Returned to Unit) went to Brig.W/S.(Brigade Workshops) for repair to to power traverse. (power for turning turret*)
    *(Extra notes put in by myself(BB) , Nancy Langmaid (Bovvy Museum) or the late Pat Hennesey.13/18th. DD commander) for Jacks young family.)

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  3. Great idea BB -- keep it up!

  4. Have the descendent Regt got a copy?
  5. Yes, and the Tank Museum in their 'Calling all Tankmen' project, the complete diary will be pulished this Summer in a book called 'Sons and Daughters Volume 2' which covers expieriences of Leicestershire people, by Michael Kendrick.
    I'll post bits on dates they appear in diary.
  6. fair- one- noted
  7. pommy digger.
    I'm saddened and dissapointed that a thread to honour and remember the men who fought and died in Normandy, should warrant an unecessary and unfunny comment as the one posted by you.
    Stick to NAAFI thread.
  8. POMMY DIGGER. Apolagy accepted!
    Break in diary from June 11th.
    June 16th.1944.Friday.
    Back at unit from LAD.(Light Aid Detachment,the Regiments immediate repair team.) Nancy Langmaid. Tank Museum.
    Turret removed.
    Perry (or Penny) killed.
    Pimblet (?) Beatie(?) injured.
    (Pat Hennessey. Tpr.J Penny killed at village Douvres la Delivrande.
    Tpr.Pimblet was one of twins and has only recently died.)

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  9. Oh dear!
    (so.......not much going on!! :? )BB.
  10. June.20th.1944.(Tuesday)
    Went to DZ. area.Shelled.(DZ=drop zone,probably the one used by the 6th.Airborne Recce Regd. on D Day,when they were parachuted and glidered in to the area and took Pegasus Bridge. 6AARR included glider bourn tanks.) NL. Tank Museum.
  11. BB have you read " By tank into Normandy" by Stuart Hills It covers the same time span as the diary
  12. Didn't the 3&8s have DD Shermans on D Day, nice pici of a Firefly. and once again BB . We are not worthy great stuff
  13. The 13/18th.Hussars launched from 5000 yards.........bloody long way!
    out of 21 tanks launched 16 reached the beach.
    Two hit by LCT's, two others possibly hit by drop short rockets and the other thought hit by shell fire.
    At the end of D Day only five tanks serviceable.
    Best book is "Young Man in a Tank" by the late Pat Hennessey.

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  14. " In the heavy sea and bad visibility the swimming tanks were nearly overtaken by disaster when a flotilla of LCTs came in across their bows a mile off-shore. Two were rammed and sunk and the losses might have been higher if a salvo of rockets had not fallen short in the midst of the melee and forced the LSTs to change course. No DD's were hit by rockets, but it was only the crews superb seamanship which brought ashore 21 of the 25 tanks launched. Despite their mis-adventures the DD tanks and specialised armour touched down ahead of the LCAs and were already wading ashore when the infantry broke from their landing-craft at 0730am"

    "The Stuggle for Europe" Chester Wilmot page 303
  15. Wednesday.June 21st.1944.
    Went to LAD for mod. (NL. Modifications)
    Topper. the quote above from Chester Wimot is taken from Pat's book "Young Man in a Tank" (incidentally I didn't see Pat get much mention by Chester) Pat said 21 launched and 16 beached.
    He also wrote that both the 4/7th.RDG and the Staffordshire Yeo. decided that the sea was too rough for DD's to operate and came in dry shod in the LCT's. so A and B Sqd's 13/18th. were the only ones to attempt the sea borne assault.
    Major Wormwald earned a well deserved DSO for his part in the landings.
    I'm lucky to have the actual War Diaries copy of A Sqd.13/18th from June 6th. until February 1945.
    Casualties in initial assaut were,
    Missing.(believed drowned. 5 other ranks.
    Missing (believed returned to England) 10 other ranks.
    Missing. 5 other ranks.
    Wounded. 4 other ranks.
    Of the sixteen tanks beached only five left the beaches at end of day.
    The eleven that failed to do so were for the following reasons.
    Mines:- 2
    Rammed by LCT's:-3
    Rammed by one another:-2
    Hit by shell, mortor or rock fragments?:-3
    Overtaken by tide:-1
    See on my previous post note from Pat and 'our Jacks' sea horse of 27th. AB.