Our IT companies may relocate to other European countries, India warns UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad Indian, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Our IT companies may relocate to other European countries, India warns UK - The Times of India

    Bit of an old news. So what do you guys think?
  2. O dear, how sad. Never mind.

    Methinks this is a reaction to the clamping down on bogus colleges and IT firms. HSBC and L/rover Jag don't seem to have problems.
  3. Actually it was a reaction for the new visa rules which make the life of Indian IT professionals in UK miserable. Lets see what unfolds:nod:
  4. Tata are shite anyway. No loss if they disappear. But all the Europeans (Capgemini etc) and Yanks (CSC, HP, Accenture etc) are at it too.

    If this stops the constant offshoring of UK IT jobs to India all well and good. It's outrageous how much money is getting pumped out of this country - most of it UK Government money. All of it money that is leaving the economy forever, most to France or the US as profit , the rest to Chennai & Pune unti lthey get too expensive just like Hungary and Egypt did.
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  5. Mate, i suggest you to broaden your mind and look beyond the protectionist mindset. What about the stuff UK exports? Can the Importing countries ban it too, for protecting their local goods? Tit for Tat? If UK does not respect free trade and thinks about banning imports(here Services) then what will happen if the other countries don't import your stuff?
  6. Hmm. Interesting view on a completely different issue to the one the OP raised.

    Back to topic. The government is between a rock and a hard place on the visa issue. They can't put in place immigration controls that will satisfy Daily Mail readers without upsetting the employers of mobile specialist staff, and they cant get the FDI they need for the economy with the immigration controls they promised a segment of the population to secure their vote. It'll probably end in tears....
  7. A complete non-story; Indian students are hardly big players in the Universities sector - the Chinese have got that one sewn up quite nicely. Indian students are prolific in FE colleges and colleges of dubious merit e.g. the UK College of Excellence, undertaking non-challenging studies alongside their real intention in coming to the UK to work in McDonalds and or Tescos. The post-study work visa was wide-open to abuse. Oh, and Indian IT workers (I hesitate to use the term 'professionals' because many IMHO are absolute crap) are not business visitors - they are renumerated and therefore require work visas in order to undertake employment (gainful or otherwise) in the UK. So no, I don't feel sorry for either Indian students or Indian IT workers. Next question please.
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  8. Might I suggest you look at protectionist measures embedded in the Indian economy. India is no friend to free trade.
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  9. Until they can write code that doesn't need extensive remediation by European and US developers they won't be too missed. Cheap and quality they don't do.
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  10. Indian IT workers....10 a penny.
  11. It might be no bad thing, I contracted to a company that were a locally based, wholly owned subsidiary of an Indian concern. IT field.

    2/3 of the employees at every level were Asian, of the full-time permanent employees (most were temp), HR was the only department which was not 100% Asian staffed.

    You could see through it in a lot of mainland cities (maybe) but the ethnic population of Belfast is comparatively very small, so it's definitely a company policy.

    Mind you, you had Bsc level grads working working for minimum wage plus a quid an hour on unsociable shifts for a company with a puritanical attitude on matters like dress and conduct.... Not sure locals would do it.
  12. Heard some horror stories about india and IT workers taking te piss re visas paying TAX etc.
    Although somebody who'd been sacked and replaced by indians was rehired as a contractor to sort the mess they'd made out at
    A silly rates and took his own sweet time to solve the probems karmas a bitch :)
  13. I was hired, as opposed to rehired but the rest... Yep, pretty much.
  14. Does this mean the call centres will have English speakers ?
  15. I think the whole point is that they're not 'UK jobs'. They belong to the employer, not the nation and it's entirely up to them what they do with them.

    We all of us buy into the liberal-economic theory of free trade every time we make a purchase. We can hardly turn round after proselytising it abroad for centuries and go, "Oh, hang on a minute" just because everybody else is learning how to play the game too.
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