Our illustrious corps on Facebook!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. There's a big FcUK Corps badge and the cheeser still can't get the mottos right!!! I reckon that's Mnemonic outed!!!
  2. Can you explain why there is an SRR capbadge on there?
  3. Two Words Gentlemen. USELESS STABS. (I know technically STAB is an accronim, therefore it is five words however...........)
  4. Morew to the point can you all explain why you could see the page and not be directed to the login screen? All members are we? You big timing losers.
  5. Can anyone describe the contents of the page as I can't get on the site.

  6. Alaarm whilst agreeing with your setiments regarding these individuals, none are or have been within the last 15 years to my knowledge been members of TA Int Corps nor do I think looking at them any other TA Unit.
  7. Perhaps telling people that AOSB is in Newbury rather than Westbury will misdirect all but the cleverest applicants.
  8. OK, Fair one. In that case they must be Walts and / or civvies.
  9. Think that's bad, a quick search for SRR, and this popped up.
  10. Kimberley Peterson looks alright though (admitedly it is a small picture)
  11. Even nicer in person
  12. Care to expand on that?
  13. So they're walts then!? I fcuking hope so. 8O