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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by YorksTyke, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. Rant- Recently, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer, consequently having to retire from his job as a mechanic. He now has no source of income apart from his pit pention of £80 a week (by pit pension I mean he was a coal miner from 14 years old therefore he gets a bit of extra on his pension).
    Having worked 7 days a week all his life and never parting with a penny without a good reason (being born and bread yorkshire) he's got a bit of brass in the bank.
    Because of this his claims for benefits now that he's out of work have been denied, the excuse being that he has enough money to live off. The reason he's claiming is to make sure his old lass isn't out of pocket when the tw@t that is cancer beats him.
    I do understand the reason for the denial, what i don't understand is how a man who's worked to the bone for 60odd years is punished for it. But a young chav who can't be arrsed gettin a job can easily attain his dole money, probably put straight towards his next fix. Or indeed an immigrant could do the same (I've nowt against immigrants but them claiming benefits I believe to be a bit cheeky).
    There's a good example of our government today.

    Rant over.
  2. This story, repeated hundreds of times daily, makes me so angry I can barely think!
    The Dear Leader (Bliar) and his boss (Broon) tell us to save - save - save!
    When we save and the 'nice' bank pays us interest, the b*stard Broon takes 20% (minimum) of the interest.
    Invest in Britain. We invest and the company pays us a dividend if they do well. Guess who gets 10% of it it ? Yes, the dreadful Broon.
    Get made redundant and get help with rent etc ? No, not until you've spent all the savings the unreconstructed Marxist oik Broon urged you to save.
    Get old and need to be in a home ? Yes, spend all your savings and sell your house to pay for the home! Not in Scotland though. Oh! no! That would lose votes for the legions of Liabour MPs in Scotland.
    How could the people of GB be so stupid, yes stupid, as to have voted this gang of grinning spivs into power? Guess the 'Stupid Constituency' Gold Cup goes to NEATH. Those dopey clowns have voted Hain to be their MP. Yes, 'dopey' and I mean it. I'm Welsh and the people of Neath make me feel ashamed of the fact. My, constituency: BLAENAU GWENT.
    Sorry, everyone got well off the post here.

  3. Set the scene you have two widows

    One where her and her husband both worked all there life’s good jobs and good pension until mr joe blogs go to pastures green the wife loses half her husbands pension straight way and you pay two levels of income tax on the pensions what is left .
    She as to pay mortgage , gas, electric water rates etc so when she as her state pension she as to give her pension in her own right to receive her husbands .
    After everything is paid she as barely enough money to have any social activates.

    The other widow where the husband was work shy when mr Joe blogs went to pastures green carried on receiving pension credit which is made up to the same of other people who have been working all there life’s . Also receiving housing benefit, council tax allowance, cold weather payment etc.

    It makes you wonder whether it’s worth working all these years and paying a pension because the other Joe blogs seems to have more than you if not more
    While you are struggling to pay the bills and have hardly any other money
    The other Joe blogs who was work shy is widow seems to be better off than you.
  4. Tell him to take the lot and invest it in Gold Soverigns. Stash said soverigns under bed, whilst racking up credit card debt. then go to government and say you lost said soverigns, they went missing. Then go crying to social services when you "cant" pay the cards off.

    If you cant beat em' Join em'! :thumright:
  5. Terrible as it is, the solution is in the question. He needs to officially 'spend' all his savings so he has no money left. Once the savings are out of his bank account, he has 'spent' the money and can then claim. They cannot deny him the funds unless they can prove that he still has money of his own. If he owns 50ks worth of diamonds, bullion or property outside of the EU, they will have a hard job.

    There is nothing in the regs that say he must keep his savings for his care, only that if he has money, it must be used for it. No money, can't be used.

    This goes for anyone else out there who wants their entitlement. If you are likely to be penalised for having saved your hard-earned money by not receiving the care you are entitled to because you've paid you nat ins and your taxes, raid your savings and 'lose' the money. Then you'll have what you need.

    It's a sad state of affairs, but there are solutions.
  6. YorksTyke

    If your uncle is under 65 he should claim Disability living allowance - its a crap form 32 pages long but if he gets the ben it ain't means tested. Ask the mcmillan nurses if theres a welfare rights person in his area that will help with the form, our generous gov says if you are on middle or high rate of care your partner can claim carers allowance of £46 as long as they don't earn more than £84/wk. the whole system is designed to put folk off claiming but why let the gov win. get in touch with CAB or welfare rights & get a claim in asap.

    Giblets - your idea of spending the savings only holds up if he spends it on things he needs or on home improvements. he'd need to keep the receipts. in my office we see loads of folk who when made redundant paid off the credit card and all other debts and if left with no dosh at the end are denied housing, council tax and income support. the dwp calls it "deprevation of capital" and its a bugger to argue. one OAP has been without income for the past 4 months cause she used her savings to pay for her debts, the redecoration of her new house and the moving in. if you don't want to leave your widow in queer street be careful how you spend the capital - giving it to the grandkids is not ok if you need to claim any of the means tested benefits.

    I know the system stinks - i try every day to help the needy get what they are due and hate the greedy buggers who lie to get everything they can
  7. I didn't know that. That's even worse than I thought. Why do they sting yo for paying debts off? Surely if you keep the debts going and use all you funds on survival, you risk losing things like your home.
  8. Bear in mind though, he's only really likely to get it if he's house bound and needs close care.

    My mother fell pretty ill recently and became house bound due to her meds and needed 24hour care because she was so weak.

    The old man applied for DLA and but they were rejected on the grounds she didn't need "physical" care, ie help going to the lav or bathing. Even though the CBA bloke assured them this was bollocks, they were still turned down again on appeal.
  9. Sympathy with your uncle YorksTyke.

    The story is the same all over. My late Mum went into Council run Special Sheltered Accomodation having sold her house.
    When she applied for the accomodation she honestly stated that she had savings of £xxx,xxx.00 because of the sale of her house.

    Once she moved in she receives a badly worded letter that is the width of a gnats prick short of threatening her that if she spends HER money on trivial things she can forget about any benefit from the state.

    Once she gets to know the other residents it is well obvious the majority of them did not declare their savings and get everything on benefit.

    As my Mum stated - who can blame them?

    This country does nothing for the British needy, yet it chucks money and healthcare at every unwanted illegal immigrant or disease ridden mature African student who lies and cheats their way into our country.
    They jam up housing lists and get priority healthcare whilst our own suffer at home, some at less than subsistence level.
  10. "Why do they sting yo for paying debts off? Surely if you keep the debts going and use all you funds on survival, you risk losing things like your home."

    the argument i've been fed is that unless the debts are immediatly repayable - in other words the creditor has a decree for payment against you - then you can just keep paying at the agreed amount. most folk want to clear their debts but the gov wants you to stay in debt. if your company goes into liquidation and you don't get paid the official advice is go & get a loan cause the dwp won't pay you a loan unless your on jobseekers. I know the forces aint likely to go down this route.

    DPM - the hardest part about applying for these benefits is getting folk to admit that they need help - if your mum wouldn't admit how bad she was then they assume your okay. you have to describe yourself on your worst day. on her worst day did she even get out of bed, most oaps won't admit that they soil themselves - its pride - and I don't blame them but the shameless buggers know that if they say they crap themselves cause they can't walk quick enough to get to the loo then they need personal care. your mum should reapply - its the usual crap system, one bloke I know has lost his leg but according to the gov he has NO mobility problems - which thicko deceided that one.

    mukhabarat2003 - it depends on the local auth how much savings you can have when in a care home - as for the others who are hiding their savings - hope the inland rev doesn't cross ref the details or they'll get a letter asking for it all back - the IR & the DWP like doing this cause they can stop someones money and charge them with fraud - seen a few of these as well, didn't think the savings or occ pen were relevant now no rent or council tax rebate - 12 months later eviction & charge for payment leading to bankruptcy as well as fraud charges & we all know the tax man chases you till you pay up especially if you have little or no income

    whole systems a bloody nightmare,