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Our 'Glorious' Leader

I've noticed that a number of notice boards have several references - largely defamatory I'm delighted to say - to President Blair and his cronies.   With the budget coming up this week, I thought it an opportune time to post all comments on the leadership abilities (or lack) of the Blairites to a single place. your own time........go on!
"Our"  - Nothing to do with me.  I didn't vote for him.
"Glorious" - Must be a new definition of the word of which I was unaware.
"Leader" - Tough one here.  If you mean there is a rope around our necks and he is pulling on the other end, then yes.

The position might have improved for HM Forces if we had clubbed together and made a donation to the Labour Party.  That seemed to work miracles for Formula One, Mittal, the Hinduja brothers, BAE Systems, PowderJect .....
That would be one option, though the counter effect would be to secure a win at the next General Election. In any case, as we do not represent the so called "minorities" that El Presidente and his Junta would wish to see the culture(s) of this country biased in favour of, I suspect it would not do us any good at all.

In any case, what we need is a force similar to the Veterans Assoc in the US which is sufficiently large in size as to guarantee any Congressman defeat should he not sit up and take notice of their wishes. While the Royal British Legion is a venerable and respectable institution it lacks political savvy outside the culture of the retired Lt Gen's who typically lead it. The net result is the institution is not geared up to impose the will or wishes of ex-servicemen on a Government that sees the RBL as one of those "forces of conservatism" it seeks to destroy (after all it doesn't employ black single parent lesbian feminists in wheelchairs, so it does not represent the "people" or "yoof" culture). Unless the RBL takes some stark changes in direction we as servicemen lack a voice outside of the ballot box. Add to this the non-politcial nature of the RBL, they will never  be able to mobilise the block vote it could call upon. Perhaps it would be best to view the RBL as a charitable institution and form a Veterans Assoc of our own with politcal aims and objectives? Such an organisation could also champion serving servicemen without the need to sully the forces' independance.
As far as Phoney Tony is concerned he is not our leader, although he would no doubt like to usurp our Head of State - HMQ.

He and especially Gordon don't give two hoots about the Armed Forces, as long as he can continue to wing us round the world with gay abandon and not raise the defence budget he will be happy.

With equipment programmes being deffered to pay for budget overspends this year and HQ LAND being asked to make yet more efficiency savings the whole thing is starting to unravel - and I haven't even got onto the subject of the flood of servicemen leaving the Forces, 25% of all fast jet jockey slots are currently unfilled, and that is AFTER the Sep 11 lay oofs by the airlines.

I know it has been said before but we are in deep shit and nobody at the top will realise until it is too late.

I am going to be a Civi in 16 days so it won't effect me but I feel sorry for the rest of you.

After all that I would still have some concern about voting for an Ex Scots Guardsman.


You raise two interesting points regarding the RBL & Veterans Association.

If I may start with the RBL, of which I am a member.  The RBL web site quotes the following:

Why you should join
·      Your support is vital to the care of the ex-Service community.
·      Enjoy the comradeship of others who have served in the British Armed Forces. The Legion's clubs are social centres where you and your family can meet for companionship and relaxation.
·      The Legion can help serving or ex members of the British Armed Forces, or dependants, with war pension or compensation claims, resettlement, training and small business advice.
·      Young people can benefit from the associate membership scheme (14-18 age group). Legion branches have youth bands, majorette troupes and organise youth events. Legion branches can assist young people to complete the 'Service' section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.
·      The Legion's exclusive insurance schemes give favourable rates on accident, motor, household and other insurances. For each policy taken out insurers contribute to Legion funds.
·      The Legion Mastercard is backed by the Bank of Scotland, has low APR and no annual charge. The bank donates to Legion funds each time the card is used.
·      The Legion's travel service gives a discount off most travel arrangements. ABTA bonded.

By my reckoning that covers most points that a Veterans association should cover.  

However, there is a perception that the hierarchy acts as an "Abide-a-Wee" rest home for aged Senior Officers.  For the Legion to have more
BITE it needs a more vocal membership pushing from the bottom up.  To do that it requires more members.  The membership requirement for Full membership of the RBL is to have received seven days pay from HM Forces.  Thus if every regular & volunteer reservist joined (about £10.50 pa) they would have a bit more clout.

If after that the Legion does not budge then go for a separate Veterans organisation.  There is no need to re-invent the wheel if the structure is already in place.

The Veterans issue may be worth its own topic or board.

The Royal British Legion's website is at
This is good stuff!  What was intended as an excuse to lay into the cretins that currently run (and I use that term loosely) this country has already raised a couple of good suggestions as to how the Forces community (and in that I include those who are now ex-Forces) might be better represented.  
I'm glad IDS's credibility was mentioned too.  I feel like a traitor for saying it about one of the few ex-Army folk in the public eye, but right now he ain't cutting the mustard.  Am I guilty of damning the guy because he's bald? I'm ashamed to say that there is some truth in that, but I also don't think he's doing any favours by allowing his profile to remain so low whilst Billy Liar is running around trying to save the world by himself.  
I've read the debate on another board about standards in military life versus those on civvy street (prompted by the cross-mess affairs issue) and increasingly feel that this is an area where the Forces have an edge.  Witness the incompetence, to say nothing of the cynicism and lack of guts, of the likes of Stephen Byers and his imbecillic side-kick Jo Moore and then compare that to the professionalism and 'willingness to take a bollocking for f**king up and then get on with it attitude' exhibited by all ranks from bottom to top and you'll see what I mean.  Sandhurst has a hard-on for integrity, and while such an attitude is invariably mocked by people when they are there, it is a trait that is all too often lacking in civillian life.
It is a shame IDS's profile has been so low.  A late developer perhaps?

It is rather damning of our society that voters would rather vote for Phoney Tony because he has a full set of hair rather than IDS who has never had his integrity questioned but is "follicly challenged".  If New Labour keeps dumbing down everthing, especially education, they will breed a nation of morons who will keep voting them in.  .... Now all becomes clear!
No surprises that has those of us ultimatley willing to give up everything to protect our country, once again get shafted by a budget designed to support the band of miscreants outlined by Woopert above.

Is it only us who see what a fantasist this pretender to the presidency is?  Shame the millions out there don't think the same, but then those of us working hard and paying taxes are supporting the majority of them, so why should they?
Brothers and sisters,
I have witnessed the work of this wretch at first hand. Shortly after the end of Op Agricola 1, a 'drinks party' was held at Lancaster House (in that Lundun), hosted by Tone'n'Cherie to say "Hey you Guys, I jest wanted to say, thanks very much indeed. Cuz it means a lot to me, actually" - to a cross section of folk involved in the Kosovo beano.
I watched this man walk around, pressing the flesh, taking soundings and listening to what people said. He then would have quickly retired, been briefed on current issues by his aides, and returned to the audience to give a very matey speech saying how great we were, and addressing all the burning issues we wanted to hear about (pay, housing, overstretch, kit etc). To my horror, I saw him take in almost the entire assemby (about 300) - as Majors and Colonels listened, rapt. "He really does understand....", intoned one reverent Major, awestruck. The man's political skills were superb - he hit exactly the right tone (geddit?), and everyone 'felt great'. But did he mean it? Who knows? We're still the only govt dept which has actually achieved real savings - and we're being pushed harder. Are our soldiers treated well by the system? Really? Is anyone addressing the fact that 25% of homeless are ex-servicemen? etc etc etc.
Needless to say, I don't trust this man. I hope one day his children call him by his first name, in public. I bet he wears Y-fronts.
Yes, the man's ability to work an audience is commendable but as we saw with the crocodile lears after the Princess of Wales's death he is an actor not a statesman.  He has no grasp of history or our place in it and he is a political frontman with no depth behind the facade.

Cherie is the brains and the drive in the partnership, she is the doctrine nazi, Tony just regurgitates what he has read in the Politician's Tam Insert No 69, How to Ham it Up and Hash it Up.

It seems that being one of the few successful public bodies is a mistake, what we need to do is really cock it up, like the NHS, then we will get a proper budget. :eek:


War Hero
And the time for Mr C*ck - up is fast approaching.  Our general run of "Good Luck" against recent foes I dare say will come to a particularly nasty end very shortly.  After the enquiry and they have answered all the important questions like
"So where were the 300 body bags"
"Well sir basically we didn't need very many in the last couple of skirmishes so we sold them all to the Iraqi's .. got a good price mind"
Unfortunately until this occurs and the government realise that without proper investment the only thing currently holding the Armed Forces together is the general will of the men and women serving to not get killed, the MOD budget will be continually squeezed in a vain attempt to pay for ills of those that choose to kill themselves by continually smoking and eating themselves to heart attacks and cancer and to pay for the shout of most single parent families of "Well it just isn't financially beneficial for me to work I have child care to pay for!" Well as a tax payer I didn't ask you to have a fact was this not a consideration when you chose to have the child in the first place...probably not.. you probably just thought goo goo gaa gaa..and while on the general subject of wastes of cash another two interesting dittys

We should take the same attitude to asylum seekers that Australia have.  Place all asylum seekers in the middle of a large desert and process there claims to asylum efficiently.  OK we don't have a large desert ..but we do have large airfields in such remote areas as Brawdy in South Wales which is about as far away from civilisation as you can get in the UK..where we currently house 14 Sig Regt.. get them closer to the Plain so that they can exercise efficiently and we get two savings in one..asylum seekers are looked after efficiently, all people with real claims can enter all those without can get put on an aeroplane (or small boat) and sent back from whence they came (ie the economic migrants among them).  Oh and whent they riot and burn down their accommodation we simply say build higher fences add machine gun towers and then say "Well you used to have some really good accommodation (better than most single soldiers) unfortunately you have burned it down..well here is a nice field with a burnt out hull of a building in the you get on with it" We save money because we don't have to spend a fortune every time 14 Sigs take their tracks on exercise or on ops (which is frequently).

Finally did anyone see the guff about paying people to do housework?  Now is this going to be paid for from our taxes?  I don't think so.  So who is going to pay? Well say I was happily married and my wife decided to stay at home and babysit and wash and clean.  Well I would end up paying her wages ...all fair ...except of course that Tony would want my wife to pay income tax and National Insurance on the wages paid to said wife.  So not only am I going to work to make our lives better the Government is going to screw me twice for NI and Tax..result less cash in the home more cash for large government wastage schemes.  Far reaching result wife not as happy as before when "housekeeping money" was paid because actually the household is about £250 down on what it used to have (approx).  

Sorry about the rant sometimes its just good to get it off the chest....



What is this? You mean we don't all love President Tone?
This man has put his life on hold to serve his country and us fellow servants are slagging him off?
Personally I feel intensly grateful that he saw fit to give us a tiny pay rise (but don't forget the "x" factor) and taken a huge one himself - after all he puts his life on the line every time he steps into the Houses of Parliament.
I think it is only right and proper that people who (at the bottom line) put their lives on the line should be required to claim income support because the same government who sends them to Kosovo/Afghanistan/Iraq etc. cant be arsed to pay them above the poverty line.
Cynical? Me?  ;)


War Hero
I also would not trust the smiling assassin as far as I could throw him, but for those of you young úns who remember the Tory government and how they treated the forces, I would probably say that we are doing better now than then.  Now before you scream and shout, let me remind you chaps of the good old days;

·      From about 1990 onward, we got roughly 1.5 percent pay rises, sometimes staged over 6 month periods but sold to use as a higher percentage.  Of course, F&A also went up.

·      From 91 on, redundancy came about and started one massive snowball rolling (and is still is rolling), which created a "got a whinge?  Well F**K off to Civ St" culture.  It also closed ACIOs and sent many ex-squaddies (our best recruiters) into Civvy St very bitter men.  

·      Mr Portillo sold off the MQs to some Jap company, which is the main reason we have soldiers living in slums which the local council would refuse to put refugees into.

·      They also sold off all of our Military Hospitals, contracted out many of our support services to make them into Agencies, plus sold off loads of MOD land etc for fast buck profit.

I do believe that the Tories were just as bad and in some cases even worse than the present government.  We could compare ourselves to the NHS; in that we have we have been neglected by successive governments and that we depend far too much on the professionalism of the existing personnel to keep this old boat floating.  Unfortunately those new ones are coming in are taking a quick look and jumping off before it sinks!  


PS; it is also British Government policy not to attempt to fix something until it is totally broken (i.e., when we lose a conflict).


War Hero
Been thinking about my paying housewives to do cleaning rant...

Maybe if they were paid out of taxes, a housewife in my street could be forced to come and clean my house 4 times a week and maybe look after pets when as a singley I go on Ex, Ops or on hols....

Might not be such a bad plan after all.....  ;D


It has been alluded to above, but is a sad fact that it will take soldiers dying unneccesarily and quite possibly horribly before ahnything is done about our budget.  It has also been alluded to that part of the problem is that of info amingst the public - little appears in the press about our problems and so there is little public call for more money.  And if Pte or Capt Bloggs were to write to a paper to complain he would be disciplined under QR's and if in a position of rersponsibility (i.e. a person of senior rank whose contribution would carry more weight in a letter to a paper) quite possibly court martialled and dismissed without any pension (which provison in military law is, itself, a disgrace).  We need the freedom to speak out before the body bags come back from wherever Generalissimo Blair's ego projects our forces next.


Unfortunately, it may need quite a few to die.  Anything less than ten at a time and the PM just has to chisel his jaw in front of the House, express his anguish but pull on the cape of tough uncompromising leader who has to make difficult decisions.  Any more serious problems and the blame will be delegated to the lowest level - though most papers were pretty on side over Brig Lane in the 'Stan and possible back stabbing from Hoon et al.

Anyone see the article in The Sun today about the SA80 A2 on ops?  The Royal don't think it's reliable according the journalist sat out at Baghram with them.


President Blair and the phoney tony cronies are likely to be with us for some time. During euro commisar Kinnocks time, the labour left wing were working with american politico's to find out how to initially fool the British public that it could deliver for them (thats why they target the minorities and left leaning groups/organisations).
Give them credit, they did their research brilliantly. They even went further than they dreamed because they persuaded lots of people in our society that they also were hard pressed and with all the minorities voting for them, they now have an overwhelming majority of people who think they should have a slice of a non-existant cake without working for it! :mad:

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