Our Glorious Leader, Leading from the Front

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Our Dear Leader is not afraid of making difficult decisions and justifying them...well to sycophantic interviewers anyway!

    So why is he running scared of the House of Commons?


    If Bliar does not speak in the debate, his contempt for those who fought and who continue to fight, and those who have been injured or lost their lives, will be written in stone forever.

    I would urge a letter-writing campaign. Everyone write to their MP to ask them to ask Bliar to open the Iraq debate. After all, it was his idea (if you ignore Dubya).


  2. obviously "follow me lads ... I'm right behind you" syndrome - mind you the Limp Debs aren't much better ... Our MP Lemsip Opec is more interested in the rights of Eastern Europeans who outstay their visa's than in the wellbeing of our troops ... however I will still write to him concerning the subject (we've got an election coming up) ...
  3. MrPVRd - to save space - "So why is he running scared of the House of Commons?"

    I am going to let you into a secret - Eyes Only between thee and me - Bliar doesn't give a t0ss that's why?
  4. What a steaming gutless little shoit this snake oil salesman is.
    Sends HM's Forces on and illigal war of invasion and now finds he's lacking the Goolies to stand up and justify the deaths and injuries he has caused.
    GO please just GO.
  5. I would of typed a decent reply but you pretty much said it
  6. Parliament is the last place this ignorant republican cnut wants to defend his behaviour. The Queen is head of state, she is also head of the armed forces. Why does Bliar send our troops to war without the necessary kit? Because they are the Queens forces and he doesn't give a fcuk.

    Guess who is going to be publishing the cnuts memiors? Rupert Murdoch, that's who! A confirmed republican; a bloke who would rather see people like Bliar and Broon as head of state in the UK than the Queen.

    Why is Bliar so freindly with the IRA? Why is he so anti-soldier? Why are his memiors being published by Murdoch?

    Because he's an anti-British catholic-supporting republican (and so is his ugly munter of a wife).
  7. Publishing his memoirs is only the half of what Murdock will be doing.
    I hear as a further reward for all he's done for supporting the neo con misadventures, it has been mentioned that Blair is up for a ludicrously well paid non job with Murdoch's firm.

    Being that Murdoch's a tight old sod I sort of wonder where exactly he'd get the dosh to pay him?

    I can't help thinking that perhaps other parties might be wanting to reward Blair for loyal services rendered but need convenient cover to do so.

    Naw...that couldn't be so could it?
    And an ex P.M. who converted loans to gifts to peerages wouldn't possibly get mixed up in anything dodgy would he?
  8. Slurboy, you are sooo cynical!

    I've got a job for him, though it doesn't pay too well, and it involves my pork sword.