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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Andyroo, May 3, 2006.

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  1. Given Sergey's recent rants and denials over anything the Soviets are documented as doing over the time of the regime: Mass rapes in Germany, torture in Afghanistan, Destruction of entire villages in Afghanistan etc. etc. Is it not time that the man is either marked as an Oxygen Thief or, better still INMHO blocked altogether?

    None of us mind a healthy debate but this guy is just as worse as a holocaust denier and that is a criminal offence FFS!

    Your comments please.
  2. No, he (generally) provides a counter point of view - and like French Person, equally valuable to debate!
  3. Careful, there's a big difference between point of view/opinion and fact.
  4. I think you're right........ and that's a fact! :roll:
  5. I think Sergey provides a refreshing view on this site and regularly punctures many over inflated views of ourselves. This is healthy. You will also note a common theme to Sergey's posts and that is that he will accept challenges to his views that are backed up by sound and reliable research. Can any of us ask any more than that?

    I'm not saying he is right all the time but his arguments are often persuasive. Do you get it right all of the time Andyroo?
  6. Sergey can be controversial and sometimes annoying, but then I suppose that could apply to most of us here. Oxygen thief is much too strong a description for him. And he's posting in his second (third? fourth?) language, so the subtle arts of English aren't always available to him.
  7. Has he broken the site rules? - no.

    Where did he deny the Holocaust?
  8. His views may challenge some of ours, he may not get his point of view across at the first attempt, but as it goes he does start a lot of debate on very good subject matter which he always backs up with some research, so, no, he'll do for me.... he winds me up, but he'll do........
  9. Holocaust denial is not a criminal offence in this country (yet). Austrians aren't so keen, though. Anyway Andyroo, you clearly have views on what opinions people may have, so could you list them so I don't tread on anyone's toes.
  10. While I find him more than just a bit tedious, he's never broken any site rules on my forums.
  11. He hasn't broken any rules. If anyone's opinion has solid grounds to stand on then it'll stand by itself and if not, it'll die out by itself which is usually the case with most holocaust deniers etc etc
  12. As far as I'm concerned he posts well. OK, it gets our backs up sometimes, and sometimes I've had to moderate, especially when he gets in full flow on his favourite bugbears. But remember, Sergey is looking at us from the other side of the fence, and just a we have ingrained values taught to us in our formative years, so does he.

    I can think of worthier candidates for an O2 thief award.

    As for holocaust denial? Didn't Sergey post additional information on Babi Yar , that implied the actual deaths were greater?

    I don't think he's a massive supporter of Israel , but then again, he's not the only one on this board .
  13. He does appear to get a little fixed on certain subjects, but he is pretty much the only one defending the former USSR/Russia/whatever its called this week. While I don't agree with all he posts, I agree with his right to post it.
  14. Agreed TOPS , he does show an obvious pride and patriotism to the Rodina. That isn't a crime.
  15. Agreed, he's entertaining... But I sometimes wonder about his authenticity.

    Just little things; for instance, his English is better then some of the indigenous posters on this site, yet he insists on writing as if he was scripting for a bad radio play.. 'Is good job not in Russia or he get nuts kicked in!' or similar. :roll: Hmm?

    And the English form of the name is spelt 'Sergei'...

    Okay, I pick nits but when in Rome shoot Roman candles; in Russia shoot roullette, tovarich!

    Anyone else got the same itch? :wink: