Our Forces need a wholesale increase in resources

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Letters to The Times HERE
    My bold.
  2. It of course all true however none of the Uk's political parties will commit to defence in order to sustain it at an effective level. There is no vision for what may happen and of course we have a long history of daniel in these matters. If circumstances should turn very ugly quickly we will have to play with the team we have. No time for reserves or to churn more Spitfires or Ark Royals out. Despite all available evidence the fires are smoking on the horizon but our political class find it more convenient not to look.
  3. That's what is depressing about it, but the politico's don't need to worry as they appear to have feathered their nests in other climes - so hope to be out of the line of fire when all hell breaks loose :(
  4. I agree with him!

    The organisation that I have just joined is hell-bent on saving money; headcount and budgets are the keywords. Nothing else!

  5. Perchance I am naïf; if such is the case, why join?
  6. Sorry for the delay in responding.... busy saving money...

    Why join? Is that a wah? Perhaps not...

    I joined the organisation because I was posted to it. Unfortunately, I have realised that joining an organisation that is thrashing itself to death is probably not a good career move: "So, just who is my 1RO and my 2RO?". "And they are based... where exactly?" "65 miles away? Right".

    It was a good career whilst it lasted....