Our experiences with War Pension so far

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by ComplexRogue7, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, I just though I would share with you the experiences that we have had so far while claiming for War Pension, maybe to give some of you an idea to the current timeframes etc. My husband has been diagnosed with PTSD and has received help from Combat Stress who then put him onto the SPVA. We began the claim in September 2012 and my husband went for a medical with ATOS in January. He has just last week received a letter from SPVA saying that in order to consider his pension he must attend another medical. The people that are doing the medical phoned today and have arranged his second medical for the 30th of April. I will let you now the outcome of the medical when we know!

    This second medical though does not seem to be by ATOS and it is not in the same place that he attended before - it is at NHS Parklands Hospital Mental Health Centre in Basingstoke. Does anyone else have any experience with medicals outside of the usual ATOS ones?
  2. Long time ago the next medical he is going to, was known as seeing the regional consultant. I saw someone like this when I got my WP its used when they need specialist information that a normal GP or atos dr would not be expected to have. It was his report in my case that got me my WP
  3. I have no idea why they goto these lengths as they end up going on your own consultants report if it ends up in a tribunal. Just wastes more money which they claim they dont have, its not like your consultant is going to throw you free money just for the hell of it.

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  4. sirbhp

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    it is important when filling in forms or answering questions to these bods that hubby only talks about his worst days.
    Can he pick up an empty cardboard box ? no cant get out of bed to see the box .
    How did you get here , was carried in by six friends after a large dose of meds otherwise cant travel. you know the sort of thing . Also call the RBL they are EXPERTS at representing folks on these issues .
    Good luck
  5. To get my WP I attended x2 GP medicals. After those I had to go to see 2 doctors at my local DSS office. I wasn't allowed to speak other than when being spoken to. Those 2 doctors accessed my disability at 10-15 %. I never appealed but went to see Mr Geoffrey Robinson MP. I explained what what had happened to date and asked if he could assist.
    As I previously said, I never appealed about my assessment of 10-15 %. I never attended another medical board. I did receive an increase in my WP rating to 20% and a nice letter from Geoffrey Robinson MP.
    Due to my experiences, I found that your MP can be a useful tool in times of difficulty. My advice is let the SPVA know you have people in high places fighting your corner. Get your MP to write either to the MoD, as in my case, or to the CEO of SPVA.
    Good luck.
  6. I went through the process in 2004 so its likely changed by now. I made the initial approach through the RBL who sorted things out- IIRC the paperwork could not be submitted until I was discharged though. Around 2 months later I was requested to contact the SPVA to arrange a consultancy time.

    The Doc travelled up from Blackpool to the Lake District and basically did a top to toe medical, checkinging what I had claimed for (she even raised a few things that I thought were irrelevant). The thing to do is be completely honest- this one also did DSS assessments and said she had seen every game in the book- it was an interesting aside chat!

    To be honest I probably undersold myself as a result but about a month later I was informed that the claim had been processed. Last year I was contacted to ensure I was still alive (!) as I receive a lump sum payment every 3 months. It's not a great deal but it pays the daily beer bill!

    I have always found the ladies at the SPVA to be very helpful and personally have no issues with them.
  7. Timing is the main thing when getting MP to help an election turns them into hard working supportive chaps or in my case they live down the road! Not just War Pensions IB ESA anything like that
  8. Back in the day the dss was one of the hardest to get assessed for but after looking at my hospital notes the doctor at dss said "son your in enough shit, you dont need me poking you about. I'll recommend a lifetime award immediate from today."
    But the WP doctors pissed from pillar to post on two seperate occasions and was later found to be lacking in there ability to do there jobs. And that was from the spva tribunal own doctor.
    My wife did raise an interesting point today which was, if each person claiming a WP goes before a tribunal first and not the rigmarole off this claim process most the decisions what be closer to the mark of % needed. Submit your case on that day with consultants reports/medicial testimonies from HCP and what your worse/best day is, then let them reach a conclusion from that day.

    And im still waiting on my deterioration claim which now works out at nearly 52 weeks but they did clear my WP mobility supplement last week.

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  9. Thank you all for your responses. The chap he is seeing on the 30th is the head of the psychological department so hopefully will be an expert in dealing with my hubbys problems. He has been pretty bad and the doctors have spent the last year trying different medications - citalopram seems to help better then most however he is still very bad. He can't hold down a job, he has lost four jobs in the last year. He also gets panic attacks if he tries to go out without me. It is such a terrible thing to watch someone that is such a strong individual to go through what he is going through. He has no interest in anything anymore and mostly he stays in bed day in day out.
  10. I'm really sorry to hear of your husbands condition and wish him, and you, all the luck in the world. I went into a 10 year period of anxiety/depression and I can relate to his feelings. When I was at my worst I used to curl up into a fetal position on the floor and just rock backwards and forwards. My help came in the form of my home visit nurse who would come around and just talk. About what I could never remember but those talks helped me through the day. Eventually I got committed to hospital twice and that seemed to be my start of coming out of my situation. I felt safe and secure, whilst in hospital in that I was with my own kind and I could talk to people who understood what was happening to me, as I certainly didn't.
    I'm sure your husband will have problems making decisions? That may well exacerbate his condition. For me I used to carry a note pad around and when I had trouble making a decision I wrote all the for's on one page, and all the against on another. The idea is to go for the one that your mind is telling you to go with. It takes time but it will work and your husband will recover. My mental health problems lasted, at their worse, 10 years. Still suffering today but I try hard not to go there again. Here's hoping you and your husband can get through this together, and win. Regards.
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  11. Coast to coast, Pole to pole & Around the world in 80 days did it for me. Thank you Michael Palin :)

    All the best to the OP & her husband.
  12. Thank you all. The assessment was today and it was all very positive. The Psychiatrist was very pleasant and helpful and he really knew his stuff. We will let you know the result when we know.
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  13. Hi everyone :) Just a quick update. As of now SPVA still haven't received the medical report. We began to chase it up last week and today someone from SPVA phoned us to let us know that it was currently with quality control in Nottingham and they expect to receive it from them next week.

    One thing that confuses us is that SPVA deal with each person in strict date order so I wonder if that means that they deal with it in order of the time of the initial claim OR the time when they get back any final paperwork such as the report before it goes back in front of the board. It has already been to the board and they were the ones that requested the extra medical with the specialist.