Our crap Op names

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Muckster, Oct 15, 2003.

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  1. What is it with British Military Planners, why do the Americans get their Gucci Op Names like Desert Enduring Storm Freedom and we end up with plain old 'Telic', get an imagination chaps...
  2. Op names are supposed to be randomly chosen so as not to give away the true objectives of an opperation during the planning stage. The americans, having short attention spans and no imagination need to know by the name what it's all about. Just the nature of the beast :)

    SPAM Squaddie: "Hey, I'm off on Op Telic!"
    Friend: "Yeah? Where the hell's 'Telic'?"

  3. OP "Eye of the Tiger"

    OP "Into the Lions den"

    OP "Valhalla"

    OP "Snake in the Eagles Shadow"

    I take your point :)
  4. In the spirit of more spam-type op names to reflect what we're doing:

    - Op Bliar's Folly
  5. I believe some brainiac came up with the idea of an alphabetic list of random words for naming ops as P.P. says. working on that basis, any suggestions for what future ops could be called?( Toss, Tedium,Titsed off)

    I think our spam cousins come up with sexy names for motivational purposes (both for the troops and public/media support) Operation whupass. OP STOMPBADDYS
    I can see the merits of both methods
  6. Op 'Another ruined christmas' is the next one apparently followed by Op 'Increased Divorce Rate'.
  7. I'm sure it was in General DLB's first book that there is a computer in Whitehall somewhere that spews these names out. All are taken from military ops down the ages supposedly. :?

    Makes you think, what if the collected readership of these forums were to organise a Mission Impossible type raid, and ensure that the next operation was called....(Suggestions Please - One Word max remember!)
  8. Operation undrmanned !

    Operation Cancelled !

    Operation Again !

    Oh there are plenty of names that relate to the current Ops situ.

    Has it really come down to slagging off Op names !

    Are we that desperate for things to winge about ?
  9. Not desperate NewQ it just passes the odd idle moment,
    you can't beat the odd titter now and again.if you don't
    exersise your chuckle muscles,they atrophy and you
    become a miserable old git like wotsisname! :wink:
  10. op pants
    op farce
    op invasion
    of small carribean island for no better than its got good bars and a beach :lol:
  11. Op Be Right With You, George
    Op Bugger Call Up The TA Quick Too Many Cut Backs

    I recall the US called the Invasion of Grenada Op Just Cause..sounded sooo PC and was instantly referred to as Op Just Because.

    Falklands War - Op. Parakeet became Paraquat.

    etc etc off for a coffee
  12. The Israelis' latest zachistka into Gaza is called Op. Root Canal. They seem to have a yen for this, the invasion of Lebanon was given a crap, yanky PR name (Op. Peace for Galilee) after it began but was called Op. Snowball in planning (because it could start small and get bigger if rolled further!).
  13. Op Enduring Freedom was originally known as Operation Infinite Justice but was changed. Apparently it sent the wrong message and wasn't PC enough.

    What the....?!?
  14. How about

    Op Vanity Blair
    Op G5 Niff-Naff and Trivia
    Op Allied Farce
    Op Another Minging Arab Shithole
    Op Texaco
    Op Here to Interfere
    Op Because some B*stard Sent Us
  15. Op - Woah! time to PVR