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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by filthyphil, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Mums defend court no-showArticle from: Font size: Decrease Increase Email article: Email Print article: Print Submit comment: Submit comment By Gemma Jones and Evelyn Yamine

    July 20, 2007 12:00am

    TWO mothers accused of abandoning their children in court when the youths appeared over a police chase have defended their parenting skills.

    The sisters, who have 12 children between them, were absent from court on Wednesday because they were at a different court with other sons who are facing unrelated charges.

    They blamed the police for the pursuit, in which their sons allegedly led officers through 19 suburbs before crashing into another car at Mt Annan, injuring the female driver.

    Both mothers, who cannot be named for legal reasons, insisted yesterday they loved and disciplined their children, despite a magistrate leaving the boys behind bars because of the lack of parental support.

    Magistrate Joan Baptie refused to release the children on bail because their parents were absent from court.

    "I'm not prepared to entertain bail when (they) will be let loose," Ms Baptie said.

    Yesterday, the mother of the 15-year-old driver lashed out at police, saying they should have stopped the chase when they realised her son was a teenager.

    She said she couldn't attend court because she was with his twin brother at nearby Cobham Children's Court. He is in a detention centre for car offences.

    "Until yesterday I have never missed a court case for my kids, not just the little ones but the big ones as well," she said.

    "Their fathers ran out on them, none of their fathers ever gave them a Christmas or birthday present, none of them have battled for them the way I have battled."

    She said she had insisted the Department of Juvenile Justice place him in a country boarding school but said he refused to return to the school after coming to Sydney for a court date.

    The women, who are both pensioners, said they were devastated an innocent motorist, who has since been released from hospital, was injured in the crash but both were relieved their sons were alive.

    "I have never hurt anybody else in my life, to know my son has actually injured somebody, it kills me," the mother of the alleged driver said.

    The mother of the 14-year-old passenger said she had lavished her son with an X-box computer game and televisions but claimed he was full of rage.

    She said he had never recovered from his father's death from cancer and the death of his baby brother from SIDS.

    "It is heartbreaking, I didn't abandon my son. These kids are loved kids, " she said.

    "He is very angry but underneath he is a really loving boy. He has never got over the death of his father and baby brother."

    The alleged driver appeared in Campbelltown Children's Court yesterday but did not apply for bail and pleaded not guilty to four driving offences.

    Another 15-year-old passenger pleaded guilty to being in a stolen car and was granted strict conditional bail.

    Police Prosecutor Dean Leighton opposed bail, telling the court the juvenile was on probation for five similar charges.

    Ms Baptie said she would give the youth "one last go".

    "You're in a whole lot of trouble at the moment," she told the youth.

    It is understood the boy had not been home for two days

    Article from the Daily Telegraph in Sydney. Your comments invited.
  2. Is this satire? I mean, surely to God thats a joke?

    The women, who are both pensioners, :?: Australia must have some very young granny's.
  3. Were this an article from the UK,it would make an excellent case for arming the police.