Our Chaps on the Ground in Libya

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Andy_S, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Looking at the news of this deployment:
    I wonder if Downing Street is hoping for a UK version of the brilliant US operation in Northern Afghan in 2001 - ie send in a combined USSF/CIA team, marry up with the local bad boys on the deck, then rout the opposition with cavalry and airstrikes?

    After all, this kind of job is EXACTLY what the British Army used to be very, very good at - ie co-opting and leading local irregulars into action.

    But I am sure there are some very significant buts. What are these "buts?"

    In the meantime, I suggest the following makeup for the team:
    - Brigadier or colonel-level commander (preferably surnamed "Lawrence")
    - Signals/RAF detachment to co-ord CAS
    - A humanitarian aid specialist
    - A few hard cases for force protection

    The above is basic. FAR more important would be the media ops:
    - Fast-deployment PR Platoon
    - Airborne Literary Agent (one assigned to each team member)
    - On secondment: Recon Pltn from 101st US Location Scout Battalion, Hollywood National Guard
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You little cynic you!
  3. Is there a danger that this will escalate? Any other countries getting involved?
  4. Har-di-har
  5. UK and France
  6. The French have a pretty sporty track record in this kind of thing and an awful lot of carved-from-solid-mahogany SF types with lots and lots of N African experience - Chad has been a stomping ground of theirs for ages so I'd expect them to have a team or teams either ready to go or already in place.
  7. Italy as well, nice little axis-of evil.
  8. Wouldn't have thought the Italians would be keen to pass on their hard won experiences of war in Libya....
  9. If team is confined to Benghazi and fighting is 90 miles up the road, there is problem of co-ord. Rebels are fractionalised and not all singing from same hymn sheet
  10. watch out they actually read shit on this forum. Arsse is in effect a policy making tool
  11. Sorry chaps!

    The prospect of the Army's deployment in this theatre is probably remote as the order of battle for such scenarios is:

    United Nations:Who say "Oh shit we need a bit of help we had better call for...."
    FCO/DFAT/State Dept? etc etc: Who say "Oh shit we need a bit of help we had better call for...."
    DFID/GTZ/USAID/AusAID,NZAID etc etc who say "Oh shit we need a bit of help we had better call for...."
    Competant NGO experts and experts from our respective armed forces to help with logistics, humanitarian aid, intel etc.

    Therefore, the British/Aussie/NZ deployment will probably consist of about 20 chinless wonders from FCO/DFAT/MFAT,About 50 Bleading Hearts from DFID, about 50 technical experts from the forces and about 50 experts from UK NGOs.

    This is an over-simplification but I hope that the prospect of British and Australian troops in combat roles in Lybia is not being considered as the middle East has an over supply of combat soldiers.

    PS Jagman, the Italian Army have done a f***ing good job in Afghanistan don't knock em!
  12. Gimp

    Please No! The Poms can't be so thick!
  13. Mate

    Please tell me you are not an MoD or DoD officer above EL2/GS15 grade please!
  14. Wern't they at one point bribing the local Taliban and AQ not to attack them, and neglected to inform the Danes (?) of this when they took over, resulting the AO going from the threat levels of Bastion to Sangin almost overnight?

    Or is that a Herrick Urban Myth?

    Edited to add: Apprently it was the French BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Italy fury at 'Taliban pay' claim
  15. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Looks like it will be a combined UK-French-Italian op. At least I HOPE it is combined rather than three go-it-alone interventions. After all, nobody could be that uncoordinated. Could they?

    Er...surely not?

    Assuming that this will be the opening of a brave era in tripartites alliance that will make Europe strong again, it's all jolly good news. Division of responsibility:
    Our fellows do the business;
    The French, with Cannes on the end of the secure sat phone do the filming;
    The Italians supply the gelato and amuse the locals with snippets of Berlusconi's strategic wisdom.

    Pity Jerry is not on board, though.

    In the scorching heat of El Alamein, Benghazi and Tobruk, you never know when you may require some panzer-mounted, armoured pilsner launchers.

    Or as they say in Sennelager, "Iced Gold in Alex."