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Our brand new Laptop was knackered!

I haven't searched through here for anything similar but rather started this thread because the story is a current one. If a Mod want's to merge it with something else, please feel free.

On the 10th April, we brought a brand new laptop computer for our photobooth business. It was a Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 and it was £350. It had been reduced by about £200 and it was a decent specification at a really good price. I've never bought a Fujitsu before but I am aware that they have been around for a long time and generally do seem to be a decent spec machine usually at a competitive price.

So on the 10th, we paid cash for it and brought the box home. The top of the box looked like it had been possibly opened, it wasn't pristine but there was a seal on it which appeard undamaged and so we weren't unduly concerned. My son took the laptop out, connected the power lead and booted it up. The machine went through some kind of setting up process and after a while, everything appeard to be ok.

He started to set it up with internet connections etc and suddenly, it crashed and we had a blue screen. He got it going again and having downloaded Mozilla, he then started to download Avast and it crashed again into the blue screen. He re-started it and and trying to find out why it was crashing when it happened again!

So, three crashes in the first hour was not looking good but after a while, and some various adjustments to the machine, we thought we had cracked it. That was until yesterday when the machine crashed into a blue screen state again. The cause of the crash was something like a kernal power fault. However, new machine, four dire crashes. It's going back to the shop!

So last night, it's all packed back up in the box and this morning, off we trot back to the shop, a large white goods retailer in Hayes.

We walked into the shop and informed the young woman at the "helpdesk" that we had come to return our dodgy machine and would like a replacement. She straight away pointed out a telephone at the corner of the helpdesk and said she would give us the number for Fujitsu and we could phone them from there. I told her, I wasn't phoning anybody because my contact was with them, not Fujitsu and I was bringing this matter to their attention because the goods they had sold me were faulty.

After some debate, she then then phoned Fujitsu and after some discussion with them asked us to tell Fujitsu what was wrong with the machine. My son told them what the problem was and Fujitsu said it could be a software problem and to give the machine to the shop and they would talk them through it. When we told the shop what had been said, they responded, ah there you are, you need to sort it out with Fujitsu! I said no we didn't. Fujitsu told us to give you the machine to look at but, all that's beside the point. I don't want you to look at it, it's faulty!. I want you to exchange it for one that works properly.

I'm then informed that they don't actually do that. So' I said well, I am aware that I have certain consumer rights and I pretty sure that one of them is to have faulty goods exchanged for non-faulty goods. They said sorry, I need to talk to Fujitsu, shut the door on your way out. I then said, before I shut the door, let me just ring up trading standards and have a word with them.

So the manager buggered off to help out some poor old lady, who was incidentally complaining about some damaged goods while, I got on the mobile blower. I contacted the civic centre, I had worked for them for twenty years so I knew the number and asked for trading standards. I was informed that consumer advice was now done by some organisation contracted to the Council and they would put me straight through to them which they did.

It was one of these press this button for this service but it worked well and within a few seconds, I was talking to a bloke who after taking my details, name and address etc, I was explaining my problem. He then gave me some advice about the sale of goods act. Basically, the goods were not fit for the purpose they were sold for and I was entitled to either have them repaired, exchanged for a new replacement or have our money back. I thanked him for what was sound legal advice and went in search of the manager again.

The manager who while dealing with a customer had been aware of me talking on the phone met up with me again at my request by the "help desk" where I basically said to him, look, your are in this game so you know what I'm talking about when I mention the sale of goods act to you! After a brief conversation where I relayed to him what my rights were under that act about either getting an exchange or our money back, he then said well I can also just get it repaired for you. He then offered to do so. I declined this saying that this new machine was for running a photo booth on and I had no confidence that it would perform that function without causing us enormous problems by crashing, even after being repaired.

I then repeated that I was entitled to and exchange or our money back to which he then responded that he had offered a repair and if I was declining that, he had fulfilled his responsibility under the act. I then said well don't go too far away because I'll check that out with another phone call. Back to the consumer people through the local Council again to ask them, whats the score? Can they just say, ok, we'll repair this dodgy machine we just sold you? The consumer people said, no! Apparently, you have to accept that the goods are in a reasonable condition and while it is a bit of a grey area, generally speaking, most stores will accept returns within twenty eight days before insisting that they will only repair them.

I got the manager back again and armed with this new advice said look! I want a new machine in exchange for this one today! If that doesn't happen, I will write to your head office and inform them of whats happening here and I will demand that they exchange the machine or refund my money. If they don't, I will take them to court immediately. I will also inform trading standards who, now have a file on this matter that your have refused to comply with your statutory obligations on this matter and I will lobby them to prosecute you. Lastly just to give you the publicity you deserve on this matter, I will write to the local press letters column explaining whats happened here between your store and me today and as well as getting my letter published, I will of course be happy to give an interview to any local reporter if they are interested.

The ball is in your court mate. What do you want to do?

He then said ok, he was willing to look at exchanging the machine but he needed to get the machine looked at by a member of his staff to see if it was faulty. I ageed to that and we also started the machine up and showed him the log on the machine that had recorded the crashes. We then left with the agreement that he would phone us in a couple of hours to return to the store. I also said to him that whatever his member of staff said about the machine, I was only interested in a new machine.

So, three and a half hours later, no phone call! So we jumped back in the car and returned to the store. Happily, when we entered, theyb gave us a new machine and away we went.

A lot of hard work to be honest and If I had not known how accessible trading standards are just on the phone, It may well have been if not a different result, certainly a long and drawn out process possibly even involving me having to go through the dreery process of getting them in court.

I thought I would let you lot know about this because it could be useful to one of you in the future.
All good advice indeed. It sometimes depends on who you get in PC ****/Currys etc. I took a laptop back for a mate immediately after Christmas (a week old) which had a flaky WiFi controller. I spent 90 seconds explaining to the bod what was up, and how I was qualified to know about such things. New laptop, very sorry sir, have a nice day

RGJ I think you should still write to their head office, that was an awful lot of ******* about in your case.
Oh the company that could be going bust!

Get it back & tell Comet by letter if it's not fixed in xx days you will take them to the small claims court to recover your money & costs. Local paper may be worth a punt too!
Fujitsu are ok, but i prefer Toshiba these days.
Sale of Goods Act. Simples. Up to six months the choice is, essentially, yours. Replace or refund. It's statutory.
Comet/currys/pc world can be gits (ask paul gadd). Seriously I buy white goods/pc's off supermarkets. they don't haggle and are usually cheaper.
If Comet give you any further shiite a complaint to your Trading Standards is in order.

If Comet give you any further shiite a complaint to your Trading Standards is in order.

View attachment 72325

I'm in Hillingdon and I rang the general number for the civic centre which is 01895 250111. I asked for trading standards and was put through to their reception where they told me that consumer advice was now dealt with by an outside organisation. I was put through to them and after a brief message on the phone about what number to press, I was talking to a guy who gave me some very good advice. Went I wanted to speak to them again a little while later, again I got through pretty quickly and again was given good advice. All this without even leaving the shop. It won the day for me. :)
She bought me a kindle for crimbo in Tesco and it proceeded to **** right up one day... It charges but doesn't turn on, not very good when you need to read the screen. Took it back to Tesco with receipt and they basically told me I had to ring Amazon and get a code to get a replacement.

I rang Amazon from the store and couldn't understand the **** on the other end, but basically got the jist that they wanted me to return it to them to have it fixed...

Whats my rights on this? I believe under consumer rights laws, that I'm entitled to have a replacement?
She bought me a kindle for crimbo in Tesco and it proceeded to **** right up one day... It charges but doesn't turn on, not very good when you need to read the screen. Took it back to Tesco with receipt and they basically told me I had to ring Amazon and get a code to get a replacement.

I rang Amazon from the store and couldn't understand the **** on the other end, but basically got the jist that they wanted me to return it to them to have it fixed...

Whats my rights on this? I believe under consumer rights laws, that I'm entitled to have a replacement?

Read the OP.
If you had bought at John Lewis you would have had no trouble.
We bought our first pc from then in 96 and it blew up after 1 week.
Took it back to Kingston branch & explained and got a replacement that was better within the hour & free office software as they felt they had mis-sold us something, but it was a Compaq after all!

The management team details are Management Team
Email the Customer service team and copy as many of these as you can Comet customer service email adress - Forums Explain who you talked to and what happened, and ask them if they feel that is acceptable. If you get a response from customer services and not the management reps, tell them you want it escalated to the Executive level complaints team.
Probably would not hurt to copy your local trading standards organisation (you already have the details).

Read the OP.

The Deputy Manager in Tesco after listening my side of the bargain basically backed up Amazon after listening to the foreigner on the other side of phone...

She told me to send it back to them.


Book Reviewer
Had something similar with Currys, bought a brand new HP lappy, took it home, wouldn't load up. Took it to the local Currys who decided that I should take it to the PC World next door. Went in there and explained what the problem was, they explained that it was Currys problem and due to the way that they operate, Currys have to bring a voucher (for stock taking purposes) into PC World where they would replace it. Currys, being the cnuts that they are, decided that they would have a look at it, offered me a repair. By now, I'd wasted an hour of my time between the 2 shops, Currys being the worst part of it and demanded a refund. After umming and aahing, finally got said refund, went into PC World and purchased the same model HP,£80 cheaper, plus because of the shite I'd gone through, they threw in a set of speakers and Microsoft Office free of charge.

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