Our Boys

Sat in the Duchess Theatre yesterday with wife and elderly next door neighbour's wife as '****, '****', wanking competition, inflatable lady etc graced the performance. I did wish I was with a bunch of guys after a couple of beers.
As I said to one of the actors afterwards: "I don't know if the cast would frighten the enemy but they certainly frightened me as I sat wondering just how far some of the scenes were going to go!"
Some strong performances illustrated the feelings of soldiers injured, misdiagnosed and dumped.

I did mention to the ladies that what they thought was strong language and scenes was just a flavour of boys letting their hair down - bit tricky without self incriminating ;-)

NB: Mods. Above are quotations from show; not my words :)
Same as title of thread.
Written in the 80s, it's pretty much a play, as I said, about disenchanted soldiers stuck in hospital, some with injuries which will end their service days, leaving them with few prospects 'outside'.
The language and stunts wouldn't raise an eyebrow in the barrack block but seem, somehow, out of place when accompanied by an elderly lady. That isn't a complaint; just comment.
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