Our Birds (gawd luv em)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shiny, May 3, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been seeing a top Doris. I have awarded her the status of honorary squaddie bird. Reasons are as follows:

    1. She does a mean egg banjo on request.
    2. She puts out often.
    3. She has earned her brown wings.
    4. There is always beer in the fridge.
    5. She prefers driving to the pub as there are not as many calories in diet coke as beer.
    6. She has a true squaddie sense of humour including pointing out and laughing at mongs and chavs (same thing).
    7. She has more porn than I do.
    8. She farts louder than I ever could.
    9. She is happy to snog her girlfriends while I watch.
    10. She actively takes the piss out of everyone she meets.

    So what else could a man want, what does your Doris do for you. For her continued training and education what could make her even better at her job ???
  2. Top Bird mate, Good drills, for continuation training, does she recieve stinking farts in good humour
  3. Still working on that, usually get something thrown at me bless her.
  4. shiny
    have you sciffed her yet
  5. My dream woman.

    When you do get fed up with her - we all know squaddies have a low boredom threshold - let us know when you're posting her on e-bay so I can get in with the 'Buy It Know' bid.
  6. Skiff completed, boy that hurt - but worth it.
  7. good drills
  8. Shiny, you need to marry this woman!!!!
  9. I hate to take the shine off mate, but you appear to be shagging a bloke.

  10. So tell us about when she earned HER brown wings...................Did it hurt?

    Did she lube you up or was it just a finger up the arrse as she blew you off?
  11. Is Shiny shagging DALE??? 8O
  12. Not this time, he mentioned DIET coke..... Do I look like I drink Diet Coke?
  13. Thats when all the good times stop !
  14. erm....yes!!
  15. Oi, that sounds like MY girlfriend!! I'll kill the cheating beatch! Oh no, apart from number 7. I'm still working on that one! Sounds like we're both lucky men!