Our Basra soldiers bite heads off live chickens

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. CHEERED on by baying soldiers, a British Army officer BITES the head off a live chicken in a sickening training exercise filmed by his own men.


  2. Good enough for Ozzy Osbourne?
  3. what were they being trained on?
  4. Were they corn-fed?
  5. What exactly were they training the Chickens to do? :wink:
  6. And who really gives a fcuk ? Compared to the industrial way chickens normally meet their fate this was probably a cleaner and quicker death.
    Your probably the sort of nazi weirdo that faps over the carnage in gaza
    yet gets upset if a ickle kitten gets hurt.
  7. Comical

    Another non story by a pathetic rag. must be a really slow News day
  8. "In the exclusive video footage obtained by the News of the World, the pathetic creature is seen seconds later still flapping pitifully in its death throes."

    No, it was dead, and that was just nerves and muscle twitching, have they never heard the phrase, "running round like a headless chicken" ?

    "The source said: “The whole point of the training is that we show the Iraqis how to behave. The Iraqi soldiers look up to the Brits—but in this case they were disgusted, and walked away."

    As opposed to what? chopping the heads off innocent hostages or using chemical weapons on Kurds?

    Im sick and tired of every ecomentalist-treehugging-mrfluffybunnyfoxywoxy-Iknownothingofreality type, who jumps on the outrage bus, the minute something as none important pops up.

  9. I'm disgusted that an officer is allowed to have a haircut like that. Far too short.
  10. I can remember being at my Grandma's in the kitchen when Granddad bought a chicken in that he'd just killed. It was flapping around on the work surface whilst Grandma tried to pluck it. It was the funniest thing this then 4 year old had seen!
  11. mmmm but on the other hand a propaganda coups for all sorts of people at home and abroad so bad skills at least.... and anyway whats wrong with just wringing its neck? If your going to train other people you need to be seen to do it the right way.


    Edited to add; According to the pictures blurb dracula is an officer... so doubly bad skills for not having had the nous to think this through!
  12. Bad drills indeed. Fair enough killing a chicken, but do it properly.

    Saying that, anything to relieve tension and have a laugh whilst on tour is a good thing.
  13. What? So all iraqis are chopping heads off people and using chemical weapons on the kurds then? The point raised by the newspaper about Iraqi soldiers walking away is a bad one simply because there is no value in raising the point. Many people will have looked or walked away simply because it looks disgusting. It says nothing substantial one way or the other about the way British Soldiers are viewed by Iraqis.
  14. Is the Editor of the News of World a member of Al-Qaeda by any chance?

    I think we should be told!

  15. Im suprised, seeing its the Anglians, that it wasnt each others heads they were trying to bite off.