Our Army failed its test in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Cue much rustling...

    As we enter the year when the last British troops leave Iraq, further evidence is emerging of just what an abject failure Britain’s military intervention in Iraq has been. Despite the bravery of many individual soldiers, the only real success of the Government has been the extent to which it has managed to hide from view how, thanks to its catastrophic misjudgements, this has been the one of the most humiliating chapters in the history of the British Army.


  2. I think the failure lays with the people who sent the troops there and their complete refusal to accept that it was never going to work.

    Those people have the blood of decent men and women and friends of us all on their hands.
  3. Politicians failed the test. Somehow they believed a civil plan to follow up the military campaign wasn't necessary.
  4. It continues:

    "In recent weeks, drawing on a wealth of published and unpublished sources, my colleague Dr Richard North..."

    Oh dear...
  5. Agreed wholeheartedly.

    It was mistake compound upon mistake. Starting with the refusal of GB Snr to finish GWI the right way.
  6. Sounds like what would be expected from any modern European army...

    From this part of the world the British in the South are viewed in similar terms to what the British thought of many weak European contingents in FRY
  7. There I would disagree. George I had the wit to just chase the Iraqi Army back across its own borders and then stop, for fear of stirring up trouble with the Arabs generally, and of an ongoing asymmetric war in Iraq specifically.
  8. Still annoyed at this.

    Allowing the Army to carry the blame for the failures of the gutless turds that sent them is insulting in the extreme.

    the army were comitted to remove Saddam and his 40 minute capability of hurling a nuclear device. It turned out that there was never an ability to throw anything more sinister than an angry Badger and Saddam was way down the list of evil dictators of the planet.

    Bush and Blair are responsible for the failings, failings that were blatantly obvious six years ago.

    They and they alone are accountable...... War criminals, the pair of them. Try them in the Hague then hang them, I bet neither of them go with the dignity and self belief that Sadadam Hussein showed in his final moments.

  9. Absolutely right; remember the coalition in 1991 included many Arab countries and it would have fallen apart if the US had gone any further. The elder Bush was a wiser president with wiser advisers.
  10. "The fault for this lies almost entirely with Tony Blair, abetted by one or two very senior military commanders, who failed at any point after the invasion to provide the men and equipment needed to carry out the task to which Blair had vaingloriously agreed. The price paid has been measured partly in the deaths and injuries of our men – but above all it has been in that destruction of the Army’s reputation which will be one of the most painful and lasting legacies of the Blair era."

    Er Lions lead by Doonkeys
    Don't blame Tom on the ground but just look where the blame should lie, Politico's and self serving very senior Generals, ya know like the one who gave up 4 infantary battalions because Gerry Adams said so.
  11. Also, although I often disagree with Booker, who's an opinionated columnist rather than a journalist, I think he's broadly right. But it's too easy just to blame the political leadership (although of course they are ultimately responsible), the Army failed at many levels despite individual courage and hard work.
  12. To be fair, Booker does conclude by saying that it's all Blair's fault.
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    As has been said 'ouch'. Good to see the responses akin to holding the line...'The army fights enemies, it doesn't designate them'.