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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Pebble_Monkey, Sep 4, 2004.

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  1. Anyone else from Oxford OTC, or am i the only one? :roll:
  2. I will be along to Oxford OTC shortly.

    Know anyone in the RAC troop?
  3. I know a few from my Recruit Comapny Platoon. But i forwarn you, they are a strange lot!!!

    I'm in the Infantry Platoon.
  4. Did anyone go sailing at the beginning of september with the rest of the OTC's :?:
  5. Don't know about the sailing - but it was more than likely. I haven't been in touch with OUOTC since Summer Camp back in July.
  6. Oh ok then don't worry, just wanted to say hi to the blokey who got thrown in onto our boat. I think he could be seen as a bit of a traitor as he ended up winning a few prizes, just not with oxford :D he he
  7. im oxford otc as of last week....just had my medical on sat and passed it so im now an actual cadet! woo!

  8. join the gun troop you wasters you all know its the way, more bang for your buck!
  9. Orifice mate, not being funny, but you need to stop hi-jacking every other OTC's thread.
    That's all I'm saying on the matter, as anything more will turn into another ULOTC dominated argument.
  10. MEOW.

    OUOTC guys welcome to ARRSE...
  11. [/quote]im oxford otc as of last week....just had my medical on sat and passed it so im now an actual cadet! woo![/quote]

    Welcome Danger_monkey, which recruit platoon are you in?
    Don't post your platoon staff on here but pm me and i can give you the lowdown on them!

  12. for once we agree!
  13. I'm not from OUOTC but my Cadet unit does parade there! :)
  14. well done, have a choccy bar........
  15. Well fellas OUOTC BUOTC and EUOTC are all at the same camp on SPTA in two weeks time so we will see who last longest in the bar. See you all there.