I really want to get into Oxford UOTC is there anything I can do to make my chances better? How many people get turned away...and why?

When I joined (a few years ago mind) out of two selection weekends with about 60 attending each only a handful were turned away, and that was for generally good reasons, such as them being muppets.
What University will you be attending. IIRC when I were a lad etc.etc. about 90% of the Ocdts at OUOTC were not from Oxford itself but Brookes(The poly), Reading, cirencester, and the 'nham( RMCS)
Incase that didn't help...
General advice would be to be assertive but not overbearing. Read up on current affairs as you will be asked about them and possibly have to discuss them in debate. Think about three topics you can talk for 5 minutes about with confidence.
Voice your opinions with confidence without being rude or shouting anyone down. Be enthusiastic in everything, especially command tasks and above all don't whine about anything, such as people not listening to your ideas (someone got booted for doing that). Keep a smile on your face and be friendly, you're generally being watched by all staff including the nurses doing the medicals who hang about. Make sure you have a few drinks in the bar and dress appropriately. Be keen and you'll be fine!
Sleep with the Adjutant.
No...but if you want me to, I can be!
LOL You must be speaking from experience with regards to this matter!
It's those pink shirts that does it for most bods....
Thanks for the sound advice, Ill report back when I'm in :D

And BTW I'll be going to Oxford Brookes anyway, why you say people from Oxford Oxford Uni dont get in? Not enough time or just dont show an interest? Because I know Cambridge has a UOTC.
Actually another question.. in the interview is it best to say I'm not wanting a military career after uni (just yet)? But maybe the UOTC can sway my decision (I know theyre not a recruiting agency though). As apose to me saying I definately want a Army career, as then arent they more likely to give the place to someone who has no intention of joiing the army and therefore may sway there opion as mine doesnt need swaying...

...if you get me?

For anyone whos ever been in, how many weekends do you have to give (not a problem for me- just interested to know).
You worry too much. They're keen for keen people. It will do no harm to say you're considering an Army career but haven't made up your mind yet and are looking forward to gaining some experience with the OTC. Obviously don't say absolutely not! Turn up to the open day, go to the selection weekend, and be yourself. You'll find that they're as keen to sell themselves to you as it sounds like you are to them.

They require some commitment, 1 per month absolute minimum but given short terms more may be expected if you are to pass the first term and progress, as well as a long camp at the end of your first term. Be prepared for it to eat in to your holiday/free time, but it's worth it and quite fun. Hope you like to drink...

If you have any specific questions just give them a call. It's what they're there for.

Just go along and be yourself. Dont try and rig the interview. The OTC is moving much more into a recruiting organisation for the regualr army and TA. If you say you are thinking of joining the Army or TA when you leave university and aren't a muppet you should do fine.

There arent too many guys in OUOTC actually from Oxford (although there are certainly some) as mostly they dont have time and most aren't too interested in joining the Army.

Most OTC recruiting weekends are run pretty much the same. If you have a look around the various OTC web sites you will get a good idea of what to expect. It will basically be a scaled down version of RCB, so the sort of things you would try and work hard for on RCB are the sort of thngs they will be looking for on the recruiting weekend.

Good luck.

PM me if you want any more info.


kipper said:
Alright guys, just an update to tell you I passed! Swearing my allegance (sp?) to the queen on Tuesday! Got my first weekend on 3-5th aswell. Thanks for all your help!
Well Done.

Now go for RCB...... payback time!!!
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