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Ouija Boards

Just had a fairly stormy conversation with a mate who wants to hold a Ouija board party this weekend.

His missus called this morning, to emphasise she had had a major sense of humour failure, and would I talk some sense into my mucker.

Anyway , I tried, he's saying it's just a laugh , his wife is threatening to have the fcuking house exorcised Sunday early doors, if she ever comes back from her Mother's that is.

Now, am I just being dark ages when I say these things are scary and not to be dabbled with , or is it indeed "just a laugh"?

My own opposition is based on a fairly scary experience as a cadet on a former RAF station.

Over to the Naafi clientele...
My own opposition is based on a fairly scary experience as a cadet on a former RAF station.
Did that involve a crab officer in a frock by any chance? :twisted:

As far as the Occult etc goes, load of bollox if you ask me, I even walk under ladders whenever I get the chance just to hear the gasps of alarm all around me :roll:
Yup, it's total cobblers and any "spooky" results come from your own imagination and people subconsiously pushing the thing around the board - Derren Brown did a piece on it and basically said it was crap, along with mediums and all other spirit would shite. Get drunk, give it a go and see what happens, not forgetting to slate those who look sheepishly nervous or start pushing the f ucking thing around the board. :)
Get some funny funghi (or PCPs) and a picnic table, set-up in your local cemetery. Occult party on dude! 8O Let us know how it goes. :wink:
The old man had to do an exorcism on a RAF accomodation block once. Apparently the CofE had a department for that sort of thing, or at least a specialist god-botherer. The exorcism was probably more for psychological reasons than spiritual but it was demanded by the blokes after an odd experiment with a ouija board.

Crabs, eh!
have to admit - I would be reluctant to play with a ouija board. Have no experience of any kind with them but remember my old Dad telling me some tale of a Bad experience when he was a Kid. Have to say I've always avoided the things.
never heard anything but bad things about it so guess best to avoid
unless youve rigged it too scare the crap out of someone :twisted:
Its all this "Most Haunted" melarkey that encourages that!!

You watched it?

Some scouse charlaton called Derek Acorah reckons he talks to the dead via a spirit called Sam.

He is so phoney It hurts from laughter but my missus reckons hes for real!!!!

Bloody money for old rope, you should watch and see him at work. How the crew dont fall on the floor in fits of laughter I dont know.

Reminds me of tha Psycic on Pheonix Nights,

"Im getting the word....NONCE"
Not something I would advise - I think a combination of alcohol, heightened emotions and some people believing something bad will happen to them might give some of them fears for a while afterwards.

And whether or not the spookies exist or not............ 8O

Oh I don't know I'd be a little weary of any of this sort of thing.
I recall an incident as a child involving my brothers and a Ouija board that resulted in a few very frightened teenagers sleeping at their friends for fear of coming home.

My father had promised them he'd had the local priest round and that he'd calmed my mother down and she wasn't going to strangle them any more before they returned...

Not sure if they ever used the board or not...

Beware the howling females...

Hoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllllllllll.................. :twisted:
I remember having a go on one of these at school many moons ago. Within minutes of packing the thing away, some blokey across the playground fell off the wall and broke his arm. Dunno if it was anything to do with the oujia board, but looking back it was quite a chuckle.

Go for it mate! If you need any help with spirits, let me know - i'm an exorcist (particularly good at exorcising Captain Morgan & Jack Daniels) :twisted:
The Lord Flasheart said:
The Devil is good, he's just misinterpreted. He needs a better PR man.
If Alistair Campbell isn't available, Rebekah Wade could probably be tempted away from The Scum if the price is right.
i can state from experience these things are not to be meddled with, there is definately something more to it than meets the eye!
years ago while at college i was told something that NOBODY in the room knew, and i wasn't even sitting touching the glass, i was at the opposite end of the table at the time, watching!
evil or no i don't know, but definately something there knew something about me no other person knew or had way of finding out beforehand.

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