Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mcclurg, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Just back on the horse for running.

    I was working out last night, doing the royal marine circuits thing, went out for a run today, and oh my god it hurt. I was doing the mile and a half, which previously was a breeze.
    I wanted to get a good time, so I pushed hard on the first half mile, but soon the right part of my abs started to get MAJORLY sore. I had to stop after a mile, because the pain was so excruciating. It's still damned sore.

    Anyone have any similar experiences..?

    It's really put a dent in my confidence too, because it took me 7 minutes for the mile that I did. Perhaps I'm overtraining in the circuits, but it was fine before my exams started, and I've still been doing a lot of mountain hiking and stuff without a problem.
  2. hernia! your definately going to die.......

    probably just over done the circuits, however if pain continues for more than 2 days seek medical advice due to possibility of death!
  3. You're on heroin??!!
  4. Haha, no. Would that help!?
  5. British Medical Journal: 16th September 2003

    "Heroin causes stomach pains whilst running, especially over distances of 2.4km"
  6. Possibly, althought it would ease the pain.
  7. I'll bear that in mind.
  8. its true i read it in a book once!
  9. say again over!?
  10. It's called a stitch. You've probably been overdoing it and are dehydrated. Take a couple of days off and chill out. At your age and level of fitness you won't deteriorate.
    Have a rest and start again on Thursday. Get some healthy food down you and keep well hydrated.
  11. wahay!!!

    to be honest mcclurg your horse should be doing a mile in less than 7 minutes.....badum chshhhh
  12. Back on track...(parden the pun :wink: )

    I had the same thing, doc said it was a twisted :?: muscle and to run through the pain, it stopped after a week or so. A couple of painkillers before you run should help until you are back up to full fitness again.
  13. Your most definetly going to die, Sorry.
  14. seconded!
  15. WTF, you dont need pain killers, it's stitch and your a pair of wimps, man up and run through it.